5 Tipps für ein hygienisch sauberes Zuhause

5 Tipps für ein hygienisch sauberes Zuhause

The cold season is approaching again and with it viruses and bacteria that constantly put our immune system to the test. Your home is not safe from them either, because they not only like to hide in toilets or on door handles, but also in your textiles. As textile cleaning experts, we have come up with five tips on how you can keep your entire home hygienically clean.

1. wrinkle-free but full of bacteria?

Your glamorous appearance with freshly washed clothes is sometimes not quite as glamorous as it seems. Many small germs and bacteria nestle in your clothes silently during daily life, and although you can't see them, they slowly destroy your clothing.

Harmless germs are usually rinsed out of the fabrics even at low temperatures. However, if a family member is sick or you leave your sports clothes in the laundry basket with your everyday clothes for too long, you should additionally add a hygiene rinse. For underwear or the like, you're safe with a 60-degree wash.

If the pile of laundry is getting bigger and the time is getting less, we will be happy to take care of your favorite pieces and all your everyday laundry, including pickup and delivery.

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2. carpets - a floor full of germs

In the living room, under the dining table or in the bedroom - carpets instantly make any room look homey and cozy. Over time, however, the fibers accumulate a lot of dirt, which even the best vacuum cleaner cannot completely eliminate. An excellent breeding ground for germs.

Our experts recommend to have carpets professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year, in order to restore the color freshness in addition to the extensive cleaning. When you move, you can even have your carpets delivered to your new home free of charge, so you can move in fresh and clean.

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3. terry cloth and bed linen - more is more (or just right).

Washing towels and bed linen once a month is enough. Or perhaps not.

With each use, skin particles and moisture are transferred to the towel, which then lingers in the damp, dark bathroom - a perfect nest for bacteria. Both the towel for the hands and the shower towels should be changed every 3 days according to the latest scientific findings. Besides sweat, skin particles also play a major role in our bed linen. Here, however, it is sufficient to change the bed every one to two weeks. Unless you are sick or sweat a lot. Then we also recommend changing the bed linen every third day.

The temperature of at least 60°C is essential for towel and bed linen to eliminate all bacteria. Otherwise, germs may still be present even in freshly scented laundry.

In addition, the storage of used towels is also very important. The thick terry cloth dries only slowly. In a damp bathroom, bacteria feel right at home and multiply quickly. Here, instead of a hook, a towel rack is recommended. If it is heated, the towel dries even faster and you can look forward to a pleasantly warm towel after showering.

If terry towels and bed linen still smell unpleasant even after washing, your washing machine may be the reason. Commercially available washing machines usually do not reach the selected temperature or often do not keep the water temperature high enough. We are equipped with the most modern machines, which ensure professional cleaning and make towels and bed linen thoroughly clean.

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4. curtain up and in with the light

In a study by the University of Oregon, researchers have found that in rooms the amount of bacteria is directly related to the amount of natural light coming in. The more daylight shines through the window, the fewer germs there are in the room. UV rays, in fact, have the ability to kill bacteria. As a result, people who allow little sunlight into their homes are particularly susceptible to respiratory illnesses.

Should you notice that the curtains were once "lighter", we will be happy to provide gentle cleaning and care for any type of fabric.

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5. off with naughty germs on children's toys

Our little ones like to drool on everything they can get their hands on. That's why we recommend that at least once a month, children's plastic toys should be placed in a zippered laundry net or pillowcase and washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. By using a hygienic rinse you can be sure that all germs are removed.

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So go for it and get your apartment hygienically clean!

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