Our offering

as diverse as you!

Our offering

As diverse as you!


Let us do your laundry

We are a team of professionals who know our craft inside out.

We clean everything from your underwear to your wedding dress to your beloved leather jacket. Our team is full of experts and cares for your textiles with the utmost care and in-depth expertise.

Whether cashmere, wool, silk or cotton - every fabric is treated professionally and properly according to its requirements. We don't even stop at carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture and let your home shine again.

Choose between the two offerings or simply combine them!

Mix & Match Laundry bag
Mix & Match

As individual as you

Choose the garments you want to have cleaned out of our entire product offering and personalize the cleaning and the additional services you would like based on your needs.

We will pick up, sort, clean and wash your clothes, remove stains, iron and care for them as you specified in the order and deliver the fresh garments back to you.

Prices according to price list

Easy Laundry Bag

1 laundry bag for everything

Pack everything that fits and may be put in the washing machine in the Easy Laundry Bag and off you go!

We pick up, wash, dry and/or steam your textiles and deliver them back to you fresh and carefully folded. Shirts and blouses are delivered hanging on the hanger. 

CHF 49.- per bag