Leather cleaning

Only the best for your leather gear

Leather cleaning

Only the best for your leather gear

Clean. Care. Renew.

Make your leather piece shine anew!

Whether as a jacket, pants or skirt - with a leather piece you are always fashionable!
But leather also requires good care, because over the years the animal skin becomes brittle and this turns your eye catcher into a real fashion sin.

Self-bought leather products from the supermarket often cause the opposite of the desired effect. With us you can be sure that your garment will come back intact and in new brilliance.

The cleaning and care of smooth leather, suede, velour leather or patent leather differs in procedure and is carefully checked and appropriately applied by our experts.

Before the leather is cleaned, we check it for sensitive areas, color changes and damage. After the gentle cleaning, the leather is re-greased, impregnated and ironed. If desired, the color can also be renewed and color differences can be evened out as best as possible, so that your gem shines evenly again.

Besides leather jackets, leather pants and leather coats, we also clean motorcycle clothing and handbags.

Please note that there can be limitations in leather care. Leather is a natural product that is not homogeneous throughout and therefore cannot be compared with textile fabrics.

We are happy to advise you personally!

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Any questions?
Can I give my leather clothing to you as well?

Yes, we also clean leather garments. Please note that the processing time is about 2 weeks. If you include leather and regular wash, you will receive your items in partial shipments.

How much does leather cleaning cost?

The prices depend on the size and the desired service. You can find an overview here.

How often should leather be cleaned?

Leather is a natural product and is very robust and durable if you take good care of it. If you grease the leather once or twice a year, it will generally last a very long time. The drier the leather, the faster it absorbs dirt. However, cleaning is not necessary on a regular basis if the leather is well cared for.

Can I have the leather maintained as well?

Yes, we maintain the leather after cleaning and grease it again, so that it regains its shine and protective layer.

Can my leather piece also be dyed?

Leather can also be dyed or recolored. We will be happy to advise you personally.

Can I clean leather at home by myself?

We recommend that you hand over your leather to professionals. Home remedies and remedies from the supermarket are often not adapted to your product and damage it rather than make it shine. If you take care, professional use is necessary rather rarely.