Fresh laundry by post to your home!


Fresh laundry by post to your home!


From north to south and east to west - we are there for you! Enjoy our textile service throughout Switzerland!

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From Monday to Friday we deliver to you together with our partner the Swiss Post.

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We deliver your fresh laundry 
neatly folded within 4 working days.

You don't have a dry cleaner near you, the opening hours don't fit into your schedule and laundry is your archenemy anyway? We have the solution - no matter in which corner of Switzerland you are at home.

In cooperation with our partner Swiss Post, we offer you our textile care service "Wöschpost".
In just 2 minutes you can enter your order here. We deliver a laundry bag for shipping, the post office picks up your dirty laundry, we clean and fold it neatly and have it returned by the post service. Within a few days you will get rid of your pile of laundry, your closet will be full again and you will have more free time.

We deliver your laundry with the Wöschpost neatly folded and ready for storage to your home.

For the Wöschpost a minimum order value of CHF 49.- applies.
If this is not reached, we charge the difference as a minimum quantity surcharge.
In addition, a shipping fee of CHF 9.50 per order will be charged. From an order value of CHF 99.- the shipping is free.

And here's how:

Laundry has never been so easy!


You enter your order online, choose a date that suits you and order your laundry bag.

The post
picks up

You deposit your package on the day of pick-up until 7:00 a.m. so that the postman can collect your laundry and send it to us.


Our team of experts separates your laundry according to colors, materials and care instructions. Then they are carefully cleaned and cared for.

The post

As soon as your package is on its way, you will receive a message. We will send your fresh laundry including a new laundry bag by mail directly to your home.

Any questions?
What is Wöschpost?

The Wöschpost is an offer from Bubble Box in cooperation with the Swiss Post. It allows you to use our dry cleaning and laundry service throughout Switzerland without having to leave your home.

Collections are not possible:
– an Adressen ausserhalb der Schweiz und des Fürstentums Liechtenstein
– in den Enklaven 8238 Büsingen und 6911 Campione
– bei Postfachadressen, Pick-Post-Stellen und MyPost24 Automaten
– bei Adressen, die nur mit spezieller Zutrittsberechtigung möglich sind (z.B. Flughafenareale, internationale Organisationen, Banken)
– bei Adressen, an welche die Post gemäss Vereinbarung nicht an das Domizil, sondern an ein Postfach zustellt (z.B. in Überbauungen, Ferienhaussiedlungen)
– wenn Pakete ungenügend verpackt oder nicht versandbereit sind

How does it work?

You order your Bubble Box service online and a laundry bag for the Wöschpost (not the same bag as the home delivery service). You will receive the laundry bag the next day in your mail. Put your laundry in the bag, write your address on the label and deposit the bag in the place you chose when you placed your order. The postman will then pick up the bag. As soon as your laundry arrives in our production facility, it is cleaned, folded and carefully packed. Our cleaning process takes about 48 hours. After cleaning, the package is handed over to the post office and usually delivered to you the following working day.

What does the Wöschpost service cost?

For Wöschpost there is a shipping charge of CHF 9.50 per order. These are omitted from an order value of CHF 99.00. In addition, there is a minimum quantity surcharge up to an order value of CHF 49.00. If your order costs only CHF 30.00, a minimum quantity surcharge of CHF 19.00 applies.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value is CHF 49.00. If you order for less than CHF 49.00, the difference will be listed as a minimum quantity surcharge on the invoice.

How long does the cleaning with the Wöschpost take?

The Wöschpost service takes about 5-6 working days. The cleaning process excluding shipping takes two working days. We ship everything by A Mail, which usually takes one working day. However, we do not have any direct influence on the time of the postal shipment.

Where can I get a laundry bag for shipping?

You can order a laundry bag for the Wöschpost online at www.bubblebox.ch in the order process. We will send it to you by A Mail. The dimensions of the laundry bag are 59 x 70 cm. If you need a bigger bag for larger orders (e.g. bedding), please contact our customer service. 

I already have a cotton laundry bag from Bubble Box. Can I also use this for the Wöschpost service?

No, unfortunately not. For the Wöschpost we use other bags than for the home delivery service. Please order your bag online.

Do I have to order a laundry bag for each new order?

No, only the first time. With each delivery of your laundry you will receive a new laundry bag. The dimensions of the laundry bag are 59 x 70 cm. If you need a bigger bag for larger orders (e.g. bedding), please contact our customer service. 

Which delivery times are offered?

Delivery times are according to the Swiss Post from Monday to Friday from 07:00 - 18:00.

What happens at the time of collection?

Make sure that your laundry bag is ready for the postman before 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Depending on what you have chosen: at the mailbox, at the entrance to the house or personal pick-up at the apartment door. Don't forget to write your address on the address label. The postman will take care of the franking.

How does the delivery work?

You will receive your laundry by mail. All clothes are folded with the Wöschpost service. As selected when ordering, the package is deposited by the postman at the entrance or the mailbox or handed over to you directly. A laundry bag for the next delivery is already enclosed.

Do I have to frank my package?

No, the postman will do this for you directly during pick-up. Simply fill in the return address on the address label on your laundry bag with your name and address before depositing the laundry bag.

Can collection or delivery dates be changed at short notice?

Collection dates can be changed until the day before pick-up at 14:00. To do so, contact our customer service by Email or phone. Delivery dates must be adjusted two days before the selected date.

My laundry bag hasn't arrived yet and the pickup is scheduled for today. What can I do?

We are sorry for that. Please contact us directly by phone so that we can send you the laundry bag again and arrange a new collection date.

My laundry bag has not been picked up despite a scheduled pickup. What can I do?

We are sorry. Please contact our customer service by phone. We will then create a new pickup with you.

Do I need to include a list of my belongings in the laundry bag?

No, this is not necessary. We count and weigh your clothes before washing. However, you can enter your textiles to be cleaned in the order process if you wish.

Can I also get my clothes on hangers?

No, with the Wöschpost you get your clothes back folded.

My package was lost. Who is liable?

Your clothes are in our care during the cleaning process. As soon as the package is picked up by the post office, handed over by you or by us to the post office, the liability lies with the post office. You can find more information about this in the terms and conditions of the Swiss Post. When the post office has delivered the package according to your instructions, the liability lies with you again.

The postman has deposited my package without my consent. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we have no influence on this. The postman delivers the package as you have specified in your order. If you have also given permission directly to the Swiss Post that they may deposit packages, you must change this directly with Swiss Post.

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