Bubble Box and Keller Textile Cleaning join forces for the future

Bubble Box and Keller Textile Cleaning join forces for the future

Bubble Box and the tradition-steeped company Keller Textilreinigung, with locations in Allschwil, Basel and Binningen, are merging as of January 1, 2021. With the acquisition, we are expanding our local presence and strengthening our home delivery service in the Basel/Northwestern Switzerland region.

Bubble Box goes Basel

We say, "Hello Basel!"

The textile cleaning company Keller, founded in 1942, is handed over to Bubble Box by Dominik Keller, owner & managing director in the third generation. Through the combination of long-standing tradition and innovation, the two established companies are well prepared for a joint and successful future. 

With this step, we are further expanding our presence in the Basel region With this step, we are further expanding our presence in the Basel region and taking over three stores in Allschwil, Basel and Binningen. This also consolidates the existing distribution network of our delivery service - making our service available to a significantly larger customer base. The new locations will enable us to serve the Basel and northwestern Switzerland region efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Likewise, we benefit from the years of experience of the 16-member team and the established Keller company to offer our customers an even better experience.

A glimpse into the history of Keller

The story of the family business begins during the Second World War. Despite difficult circumstances, Jakob Keller and his wife Marie opened a dry cleaning and fabric dyeing business at Neuwilerplatz in Basel in November 1942. The Kellers had their own recipe for success, emphasizing qualified personnel, consistent good quality and ongoing modernization. In 1944, they were the first in Switzerland to purchase a dry cleaning machine. And success followed not long after. The war was followed by an economic boom that benefited the Kellers. The service was in such demand that Keller expanded his business and built his own production facility at the current location in Allschwil. In addition to the new location and a constantly updated machine park, Keller put a lot of emphasis on environmental protection. 

In 1977, son Hans-Jakob and his wife Gertrud took over the flourishing business. Only six years later, they expanded the presence even further. At that time, they integrated the current store in Binningen into the company. In 1991, Dominik followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather, taking over the family business and continuing to run it successfully at the three locations until the end of 2020. 

Bubble Box CEO Jakob Hirzel is excited

We are glad to have a professional and powerful team in Basel in our ranks in the form of Keller Textile Cleaning. Together we form an even stronger company for continued solid growth as well as top quality and excellent service for our customers.

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