General terms and conditions

Allgemeine Geschäfts-bedingungen

    These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") are binding and apply to all services and/or orders of goods via the Bubble Box online store of Bubble Box AG, Widenholzstrasse 6, 8304 Wallisellen.
    The settlement of contracts between Bubble Box AG (hereinafter referred to as "Bubble Box") and its customers (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") is subject exclusively to these GTC.

    By placing an order, the respective valid version of these GTC is accepted. Any terms and conditions to the contrary shall only be valid insofar as they have been explicitly agreed in writing by Bubble Box and its customers.
    Bubble Box ist es vorbehalten, die AGB jederzeit zu ändern. Diese gelten jeweils ab dem Publikationsdatum. Massgebend ist die zum Zeitpunkt der Bestellung geltende Version dieser AGB.
    Sollte sich eine Bestimmung dieser AGB ganz oder teilweise als unwirksam erweisen, so wird Bubble Box diese Bestimmung durch eine neue, ihrem rechtlichen und wirtschaftlichen Zweck möglichst nahekommende Vereinbarung ersetzen.

    Bubble Box is an offer for customers with residence or domicile in Switzerland. Orders with a pickup or delivery outside of Switzerland cannot be accepted.

    The services and prices are non-binding offers. By accepting these GTC and placing the order (hereinafter referred to as "Order") by clicking on the button "Order now", the customer submits a binding offer to conclude the contract. After submitting the order, the customer will receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt of the order. This confirmation of receipt is not a promise that the service will be available on the selected day/time. The customer also makes a binding offer to conclude a contract when handing over his cleaning goods on site in our stores and when placing them at pick-up and locker stations. A contract is concluded only when Bubble Box confirms the customer's order by e-mail, sends the pick-up invitation or collects the goods from the customer or accepts them on site in one of our stores.

    During the order process, the customer agrees that Bubble Box may communicate with him/her exclusively in electronic form, in particular also issue invoices electronically and only maintain electronic customer files.
    Bubble Box is entitled to decline orders without any justification.

    All prices and price quotations are in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include the VAT prescribed by law, unless this is explicitly mentioned and recorded otherwise.

    The customer is obliged to pay for the purchased products and services via the Bubble Box online store or in the stores on site. Payments are accepted exclusively in Swiss Francs CHF. The agreed price for products, services, shipping and any other additional costs is due immediately. When purchasing on site in our stores, payment is made upon submission of the order, in the online store when using the credit card payment method, the amount is due upon delivery and when purchasing using invoice payment, the payment period is 30 days.

    The following payment methods are available to customers:
    - Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX)
    - Purchase by invoice for corporate customers

    Cash payments can be accepted exclusively in the shops. Bubble Box reserves the right to limit the available payment methods for each order or to oblige customers to pay via other payment methods. In addition, Bubble Box may obtain solvency checks on customers and, for this purpose, pass on customer data to third parties. In no case Bubble Box will be responsible for money transaction fees.

    Bubble Box accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.
    If the payment method credit card is selected in the order process, the payment is processed via the payment service provider "Stripe Payments Europe Ltd". The data required for payment (card number, validity and verification number) are transmitted to Stripe via SSL encryption. The credit card data are not visible to the website operator Bubble Box, as they are stored encrypted in the customer account. The credit card is charged when the ordered laundry service is delivered. For payment via Stripe, it is not necessary to create a Stripe user account.
    Stripe's terms of use can be found at .

    Stripe Payments Europe Ltd
    Block 4
    Harcourt Centre
    Harcourt Road
    Dublin 2

    In case of payment by credit card, Bubble Box reserves the right to refuse it without giving any reason.

    For purchase by invoice, only payments from Swiss bank accounts are accepted in general. In exceptional cases, payments from foreign bank accounts can also be accepted. All fees associated with the bank transfer, must be paid by the customer.

    The total price is due for payment upon delivery of the Cleaning Items. The customer explicitly authorizes and entitles Bubble Box to charge the total price to the credit card specified as a means of payment during registration upon delivery of the cleaning goods. Prior to delivery and charging of the credit card, Bubble Box will send the customer (electronically) the invoice.

    If the customer fails to meet his payment obligation in whole or in part, he will immediately be in default of payment and Bubble Box may immediately claim the outstanding amounts as well as immediately stop further deliveries/services to the customer until payment is received. Bubble Box has the right to claim overdue fines with a handling fee of up to CHF 40.- from the 1st reminder. The payment period after a reminder is again 30 days. In case of unsuccessful reminder, Bubble Box may assign the invoice amounts to the collection company Creditreform without informing the customer. In this case, Creditreform will claim the outstanding amounts in its own name and for its own account and may charge additional processing fees, which will be incurred directly by the customer.

    Bubble Box will arrange the pick-up of the Cleaning Items from the Customer's premises within the time slot confirmed in the pick-up invitation. Pick-up will be at Customer's choice at its address specified in the Order or at a pick-up/drop-off point provided by Bubble Box. The served delivery areas, drop-off points and the available pick-up and delivery times are published on
    The customer is obliged to remove all items from the textiles and empty bags before handing them over to Bubble Box. Bubble Box is not liable for any lost or damaged items delivered in garments or laundry bag, nor for any damage that may occur when washing items in garments. In addition, the customer is liable for damage to machines caused by items that are in the garments.

    Bubble Box makes every effort to comply with the confirmed collection and delivery times. However, these are only a guideline. If it is not possible for Bubble Box to comply with them, Bubble Box shall inform the customer in due time and agree on a new pick-up or delivery time with the customer. Bubble Box is not obliged to arrange the pick-up or delivery otherwise in order to meet the booked dates.
    Failure by Bubble Box to meet the collection or delivery deadline does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract or to claim any compensation.

    Bubble Box is free to cooperate with partners and third parties for collection and delivery.

    For orders not involving partners/courier companies, the risk is transferred at the time of handover to Bubble Box. The place of fulfillment is the place of handover between Bubble Box and the customer.

    In the case of Wöschpost orders in cooperation with Swiss Post, the risk is passed when the goods are handed over to Swiss Post. As soon as Swiss Post hands over/deposits the goods at the location agreed in the order, the risk is transferred to the customer. If the customer does not want parcels to be deposited by Swiss Post, he must report this directly to Swiss Post. The GTC of Swiss Post apply.

    In the case of orders in cooperation with partners, the risk is transferred upon collection by the partner/courier. The place of fulfillment is the place where the partner hands over the goods to the customer/deposits them with him.

    The product will be issued only against payment or in the stores also against return of the collection voucher.

    If a personal handover during the agreed collection time is not possible, the customer can deposit the goods for collection at his own risk. If a personal handover during the agreed delivery time is not possible, the cleaning goods will only be deposited at the customer's doorstep if this has been expressly noted/wanted by the customer. With the delivery of the cleaning goods to the customer or to the delivery address specified in the order, benefit and risk, in particular the risk of theft, damage by third parties and environmental influences are transferred to the customer.

    If the address provided by the customer at the time of the order is not accessible or not (anymore) correct for pick-up or delivery, or if the address cannot be served by Bubble Box in the absence of the customer in accordance with the agreement (e.g. because the customer is absent), Bubble Box may charge the customer a "no-show fee" of CHF 19.00 per unsuccessful pick-up or delivery attempt.
    This also applies to Wöschpost orders where the pick-up/delivery location selected in the order process differs from the location of the deposited goods and as a result Swiss Post is unable to collect the order.

    Laundry that cannot be delivered will be taken back by Bubble Box.
    If the customer does not have his cleaning goods delivered or does not claim them or pick them up at the agreed pick-up point within six months from the original delivery date, Bubble Box is free to dispose of them. Bubble Box will remind the customer if contact details are known.

    Bubble Box is entitled to partial delivery, provided that this is reasonable or the cleaning goods have different processing times. The processing time of the respective textiles can be seen in the order process.

    Bubble Box does not create and send delivery receipts, neither for individual orders from private customers nor for collective orders from corporate customers.

    Unless otherwise mentioned in the service description/product description, shipping or delivery is free of charge.
    Excluded from this is the service type "Wöschpost". Here, shipping costs of CHF 9.50 are incurred. From an order value of CHF 99.00, the shipping costs are omitted for the service variant "Wöschpost".

    Alle Aufträge werden von Bubble Box oder einem Partnerunternehmen ausgeführt.

    Bubble Box counts or weighs the articles delivered and to be cleaned on behalf of the customer. The counted number of items or weighed quantity of Bubble Box is decisive for the processing, delivery, return and billing. This also applies if the customer himself enters the items to be cleaned in the order process. All textiles are weighed in the condition in which they were brought in (also in the case of damp/wet textiles).

    The total price will be calculated based upon the valid price list of Bubble Box, with deduction of any credit (e.g. coupons or vouchers). Bubble Box is entitled to charge a minimum order value published on the Bubble Box website.
    In the case of corporate customers, invoicing is made according to a separate agreement.

    Bubble Box is committed to professional, careful, material-friendly and environmentally conscious cleaning and maintenance. In doing so, Bubble Box refers to its own expertise and the care label of the respective cleaning item. Bubble Box is not bound to observe any instructions and directions given by the customer for the cleaning of the cleaning goods, if they are in contradiction with the care instructions of the respective cleaning goods. If neither care labels nor cleaning instructions are available from the customer, Bubble Box will rely on its expertise and on the intended use of the item; liability is expressly rejected in the absence of textile care labels.

    Despite previously performed simple professional inspection of the goods, Bubble Box cannot be held responsible for damages caused by unrecognizable condition or hidden defects - such as insufficient strength of the material or seams, authenticity of dyeing and printing, influence on buttons, buckles, zippers, shoulder pads, applications, ornaments, ribbons, etc. - or incorrect textile care labeling.
    Liability for changes in size or color of the fabrics and knitted fabrics within the usual tolerance range is excluded.

    The necessity of a special treatment must be obvious; in particular by ascertainable sensitive properties or by soiling which requires a special treatment. The care symbols and/or care instructions of the textile care label are authoritative for Bubble Box.

    For special cleaning items such as risky items (e.g. garments with trimmings such as sequins or pearls, garments with different materials or very different colors, pre-damaged items, etc.) and/or items requiring intensive material processing, etc., Bubble Box may charge surcharges on the prices set out in the price list. The customer also commits to inform Bubble Box about the value of the cleaning item if it exceeds CHF 500.00.

    Pre-existing damage, heavy abrasion or normal deterioration may cause damage to the textiles during cleaning. The customer is required to point out such circumstances and peculiarities to Bubble Box in the order comment when placing the order. This includes circumstances and peculiarities that may impair the cleaning success or damage the cleaning goods, other cleaning goods or auxiliary equipment such as machines.

    Bubble Box reserves the right at any time to refuse the cleaning order after reception and inspection and to return the goods to the customer without any treatment.

    If soiling cannot be removed despite treatment according to care instructions, Bubble Box reserves the right to return the garment to the customer with a respective notice. The customer has no right to a price reduction/remission. The customer may thereupon have the cleaning item picked up again if he/she agrees in writing that an additional procedure not in accordance with the care label may be used by Bubble Box for the cleaning and if he/she accepts the liability for this.

    A guarantee of success is excluded.

    Bubble Box may accept the care order with reservations (so-called declaration of reservation). In the case of orders placed with a declaration of reservation, the liability of Bubble Box for the risks mentioned in the declaration of reservation is excluded.

    Alle Aufträge werden von Bubble Box oder einem Partnerunternehmen ausgeführt.

    The customer has the possibility at Bubble Box to send textiles for alteration and repair. If such goods are included in the order, the customer is obliged to identify the alteration/repair work in the order comment and to mark the corresponding garments in the laundry bag before handing them over to Bubble Box.
    In case of tailoring to adjust the shape/length of the textiles, the customer is also obliged to inform Bubble Box by email about the desired measurements, mark/stamp them and send a photo of them to Bubble Box.

    Tailoring work results in a longer delivery time. This does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract or to claim damages.

    Complaints must be made in writing by e-mail with photos and presentation of the purchase receipt no later than within 7 working days. Otherwise, the goods are considered free of defects and approved. Complaints will be carefully examined and answered by Bubble Box. The further procedure (proper after-treatment, handover for assessment and arbitration at the Textile Ombudsman's Office PSE, etc.) will be determined in consultation with the customer, if possible.

    Claims in the textile care sector cannot be insured in Switzerland. Any compensation in the event of damage to or loss of the article shall be calculated according to the current value table of the VTS (Swiss Textile Care Association) for the acceptance of the value of textile care articles. The customer has to present the corresponding purchase receipts. A real replacement is excluded.

    If no agreement can be reached, it is recommended to submit the claim to the Textile PSE Ombudsman's Office for assessment and settlement. Two procedures can be applied.

    1. Quick Assessment:
    All information as well as pictures of the article in question are to be submitted to the ombudsman's office by e-mail. This costs CHF 80.00.

    2. Physical Assessment:
    The article under complaint will be sent to the ombudsman's office for assessment. This will cost CHF 220.-, of which Bubble Box will pay CHF 110.- and the customer CHF 110.-.

    If the complaint is accepted, the costs of the assessment will be borne by Bubble Box. The settlement proposal of the ombudsman's office will be accepted by Bubble Box and cashed out to the customer.

    If the complaint is rejected, the customer bears the entire amount of the costs (CHF 80.- for a quick assessment, CHF 100.- for a physical assessment) and receives the rejected item back in its current condition.

    Bubble Box's obligation to deliver does not apply in cases of force majeure such as strikes, lockouts, government intervention, IT problems, traffic problems, fire, water and/or other operational and machine damage, as well as other impairments to Bubble Box's business activities, insofar as these are not the fault of Bubble Box itself. In these cases, Bubble Box may withdraw from the contract without further obligation in exchange for compensation of the price already paid by the customer. For the cases of impossibility of delivery or delay in delivery mentioned here, Bubble Box excludes any further obligation to pay compensation or damages, to the extent permitted by law.

    Bubble Box generally treats user and account data confidentially and in compliance with the applicable Swiss Data Protection Law (DSG). Detailed information on Bubble Box's privacy policy is available here .

    The content of the website, in particular its texts, images, trademarks, logos, videos, music, sound recordings, products, processes and layouts are the property of Bubble Box or are used with the permission of their owners.

    Liability is subject to the legally applicable terms and conditions. Unless otherwise specified in these GTC, Bubble Box or its partners are not liable for slight negligence, for indirect and consequential damages, lost profits, unrealized savings or claims of third parties and damages resulting from delay in delivery. The limitation of liability does not apply in case of intentional or grossly negligent acts.

    All legal relations between the parties are subject to Swiss law to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980 (Vienna Sales Convention).

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Wallisellen Switzerland, unless the law mandatorily provides for a different place of jurisdiction.

Wallisellen, 30.11.2023