Carpet cleaning

Cleanliness at your feet

Carpet cleaning

Cleanliness at your feet

Clean. Repair. Restore.

Add a new shine to your carpet!

Whether moving or after a few years of use, carpets should be cleaned every now and then. Depending on the wear and tear, your carpet may need fixing, for example, if it has holes or should be restored.
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Our professionals maintain your carpet with the greatest care and expertise by hand. Whether washing, cleaning, removing stains or renewing fringes - with us your gem is in the best hands. And that includes everything from flat-weave and long-pile rugs to hand-knotted oriental and silk carpets. In our blog post, you can find out what type of carpet you have at home.

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Carpet cleaning

Cleaning may be necessary for a variety of reasons, and depending on the type of carpet and the degree of soiling, the applicable technique may vary greatly.

We will be happy to provide you with a custom quote for your carpet. Contact us by e-mail with your home address, the carpet size and 3 photos (carpet surface, undersurface and care label if available). The exact price as well as any necessary additions can only be determined upon arrival at our cleaners, which is why we will contact you again after receiving the carpet in order to provide you with a definitive final price.

Carpet repair

Now and then, especially with old treasures, it can happen that you have to repair or restore a carpet. In such cases, too, we can help you.

Our offer

Pull in new fringes by hand      CHF 450.00 to 1’000.00 per lm     
Crank edges by hand CHF 200.00 to 270.00 per lm
Plug holes and cracks artificially CHF 100.00 per h
Crank edges by machine CHF 60.00 per lm
Sew on fringe tape by machine CHF 110.00 per lm
Confection work CHF 100.00 per h

Depending on the nature and material, the effort varies. We will be happy to advise you by e-mail via
Please note that for color matching and for the sake of our professional staff, it is mandatory to clean the carpets prior to repair.

Our topsellers
Machine carpet
per sqm
CHF 29
Oriental carpet
per sqm
CHF 39
customers favorite
per sqm
CHF 79
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Any questions?
Do you clean carpets?

Yes, we also clean carpets. Please note that the processing time for carpets is about 2 weeks.

What type of carpets do you clean?

We clean everything from regular household carpets to museum carpets.

How much does a carpet cleaning cost?

Prices vary depending on carpet size, type and required maintenance. For carpet cleaning we charge a minimum of 1x m2 for CHF 29.00.

I do not know what kind of carpet I have.

No problem. Here you will find a little help. Otherwise, we will be happy to advise you personally. The best thing to do is to take pictures of your carpet and send us the photos by e-mail, then we will get back to you.

How are carpets treated?

Carpets are first measured and inspected for damage. Then they are beaten and washed. Only in the case of special contamination, a special cleaning procedure is necessary.

How is a carpet washed?

The carpets are washed as in the Orient. Depending on their characteristics, they are soaped on the washing surface with a disc brush machine. Stubborn stains are treated with an appropriate stain remover. The carpet is rinsed with plenty of water using special flat-jet nozzles. Dewatering is done by long-drum centrifuges without deforming or wrinkling the carpet.

Is it possible to additionally waterproof the carpet?

We do not offer this. Our long experience has shown that on used carpets waterproofing often does not achieve the desired results. Each carpet is an individual and therefore it is not easy to find the perfect dosage for impregnation. In order to protect our customers from money badly invested, we do not offer carpet waterproofing. A clean well rinsed wool is largely self-cleaning.

Should I book additional moth protection?

Moth protection can be added on request. This process is called eulanization. This lasts about 12 years and survives washing twice. The investment can therefore be well worth it.

Do I have to worry about my carpet deforming during washing?

No. For carpets whose basic fabric is made of real hair, tensioning may be necessary after washing. The carpet is stretched to straighten any waves and deformations. Depending on the case, an additional finishing may also be necessary.

Can any kind of stains be removed?

In general, yes. Of course, it depends on the material of the carpet, what the stain is made of and how long it has been there. We will be happy to advise you personally.

Can I have my carpet repaired as well?

Yes, sure! We offer different kinds of repair work, such as pulling in new fringes, cranking edges or plugging holes and tears. We are happy to advise you on this.

I live in a multi-story building without an elevator. Will you still pick up the carpet?

Yes, we will do that anyway. However, please inform us at least two days before the pickup so that we can schedule two employees for the pickup if necessary.