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About bubblebox
What is Bubble Box?

Bubble Box is a dry cleaning service that takes care of your laundry work for you.
In only 2 minutes you can place your order on our website, sit back and relax. We will pick up, clean, wash and deliver the fresh textiles back to your home.

How does Bubble Box work?

Du kannst uns online buchen, deine gewünschten Abhol- und Lieferdaten anwählen, deine Kreditkarte hinterlegen und los geht’s.
We will come by on the choosen days, pick up your laundry and deliver it back to you cleaned. Discover our „How it works“.

How long has Bubble Box been around?

We are a start-up that was founded in 2015 and executed our first textile cleaning orders in 2017. Small then and a bit bigger now, we are growing every day and are full of expertise, competent team members and innovative solutions!

I would like to have my laundry cleaned by Bubble Box. Do I need to registrate with an user account?

No, we are happy to do your laundry without registration. However, with a user account you can place an order faster, make changes to your orders and control your subscription thanks to your stored pickup and delivery addresses and payment methods.

Why Bubble Box and not my previous dry cleaner?

It's simple! With us you just place the order and we take care of the rest. No tedious detours, opening hours you have to stick to, appointments you have to reschedule due to travel time and no washing, folding and ironing of your own! Just enjoy more time for the important things in your life from now on!

Availability & Locations
Where is Bubble Box available?

Bubble Box is available throughout Switzerland. We have different services that can be selected depending on the region. You can find more info here.

Does Bubble Box have stores where you can stop by and get personal consultation?

Sure. Several even! You can find our stores in Wallisellen, Rotkreuz, Basel and Binningen.

I am not in the home delivery area. Is there anywhere I can drop off my laundry?

Yes, you can drop off your laundry directly in our shops or in the locker stations and public pick-up points. You can find an overview here. Otherwise we will be happy to serve you with our service "Wöschpost".

Dry Cleaning & Washing
What are you cleaning?

We clean almost everything that can be washed or dry cleaned. From clothing to carpets to leather and fur.

How long does an order take with you?

This varies depending on the service type, but at least 48 hours.

Do all items take the same amount of time?

No. For carpets and leather treatments, as well as repair and alteration work, the turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks.

Can I have my things express cleaned?

After consultation with us (best by phone) and if possible, we can offer this in most cases. For express orders (within 24h) a surcharge of 50% of the order value will be charged. Not every order can be accepted express. Please clarify this with us beforehand. Carpets, leather goods and sewing studio orders are also excluded.

What is the cost of cleaning?

The prices vary depending on the article and material. Here you can find a price overview.

What is washed and what is dry cleaned?

We wash the items we are allowed to wash at 30 °C, 40 °C or 60 °C in the washing machine and then tumble dry. If the care label says that the item cannot be washed, it will be cleaned. If there is no care label, our team will act on their expert opinion or will return the item untreated.

What is the difference between washing and dry cleaning?

Depending on the fabric and processing, textiles can be washed in the washing machine or cleaned in a special process. Cleaning is more time-consuming and therefore slightly more expensive.
Washing removes water-soluble stains, while cleaning removes grease-based stains.

Which clothes are ironed?

Grundsätzlich bügeln wir alle Artikel, die man Bügeln darf, ausser vom Angebot „Wash & Fold“ und „EASY“. Die gebügelten Textilien bekommst du dann hängend am Bügel zurück, es sei denn, dies wurde von dir bei der Bestellung anders angegeben oder bei der Wöschpost.

Can I book an ironing service only?

For hygienic reasons we do not offer the ironing service without prior cleaning. We have decided to iron only freshly washed textiles, otherwise we cannot ensure that the clothes are free of dirt and stains. In addition, textiles need a certain amount of residual moisture for a wrinkle-free result.

Who treats my clothes?

Our team. Bubble Box offers you the entire service from a single source. This allows us to offer you consistent quality.

I have an allergy. Do you have any special detergent for me?

We generally use ph-neutral detergents or balance the ph-value during the cleaning process to avoid skin irritations. Our detergents are also fragrance-free. We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

My item came back, but the stain is still on it. Why?

Depending on the type of stain and the possibility of treatment, stains may not be completely removed or, in the case of certain materials, may only appear after the cleaning process. For example, in the case of fabrics that can only be dry cleaned, water-soluble stains may appear that were previously invisible and can only be removed with a wash cycle. We treat your clothes according to the care instructions and with the appropriate means. If the soiling cannot be removed, the garment will be returned to you with a note. In this case, with your written consent and on your responsibility, we can treat it again with other means and contrary to the care instructions, trying to remove the remaining stains.

My garment suddenly has a stain where there was none before. What happened?

Please contact us if this happened. It may be that, depending on the type of fabric, certain stains will only become visible after treatment. It may also be that we have made a mistake. We will be happy to pick up the garments again, inspect them and find a solution with you.

My garment had been damaged during the cleaning process. What should I do?

We are very sorry and this should not happen. Please contact our customer service department as soon as you notice it. We will then find a solution together. Please refer to our terms and conditions.
In case of a refund, we will need the receipt of your garment and will then compensate the corresponding value based on the current value table of the Swiss Textile Federation.

Is it possible to clean clothes that are infested with mold?

In case of mold infestation, we need to inspect the clothes first. Most but not all clothes with mold can be cleaned. In this case, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Can clothes infested with viruses/vermin also be cleaned?

Ja, auch das erledigen wir. Bitte informiere uns jedoch, bevor du diese Kleider einfach abgibst, denn wir müssen sie in „Quarantäne“ stellen und von den restlichen Kleidungsstücken getrennt halten. Bitte beachte, dass bei solchen Fällen die Bearbeitungszeit länger ist.

We have water damage and textiles that have been contaminated by it. Can we give them to you?

Yes! Contact our customer service so that we can provide you with a quote for your insurance and define the procedure.

We had a fire and the clothes are full of smoke. Is it possible to clean it?

Yes, we also take care of fire damage. Contact our customer service and we will provide you with a quote for your insurance and define the further process.

Where can I find the prices?

You can find a price overview here. Please note that a minimum order value of CHF 49.00 applies to the home delivery and Wöschpost service. In addition, shipping costs of CHF 9.50 per order apply for the Wöschpost service. From an order value of CHF 99.00, shipping is free. You can find more information in the corresponding FAQ categories.

How much is the cleaning of shirts and blouses?

Shirt or blouse machine-ironed on the hanger costs CHF 4.90 per piece. Surcharges apply for special materials such as linen or silk.

What is the cost of washing everyday laundry?

Für die Alltagswäsche kannst du zwischen zwei Möglichkeiten wählen. Das Angebot „EASY“ ist für alle waschbaren Textilien und kostet pro „EASY“ Wöschsack CHF 49.-. Bei kleineren Mengen kannst du Alltagswäsche im Angebot „MIX & MATCH“ für Wash & Fold abgeben. Im Wash & Fold sind ausgewählte Kleidungsstücke inbegriffen für CHF 7.90 pro Kilogramm. Eine gefüllte Waschmaschine Zuhause hat Platz für ungefähr 5 Kilogramm.

How much is the cleaning of kids clothes?

We do not differentiate children dresses from adult dresses. Even though they are smaller, the processing time is higher for children's clothes. Therefore, you can refer to our standard price list here .

Are you cheaper than the competition?

No. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. We do not want to take part in the price war that prevails in the industry and brings many small businesses to their knees. We stand for high and consistent quality, convenience for our customers and fair working conditions with appropriate wages for our employees. Furthermore, we focus on sustainability, are a partner of myclimate and compensate 100% of our emissions.

Will there be any hidden costs for me?

No. Throughout the ordering process, we show you transparently and clearly what your order will cost you. Depending on the type of service, surcharges for small quantities or shipping costs may apply. Additional costs will also be listed for you before check-out. You don't have to worry about hidden costs at all.

How can I pay for the Bubble Box service?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX credit cards. In our stores you can also pay with debit cards or cash.

Can I pay by invoice as well?

We currently offer invoicing to our corporate customers. If you are a private customer and do not have a credit card, please get in contact with our customer service.

Are my credit card details safe with you?

Yes, your data is safe with us. We work with the payment provider Stripe for the payment process, which meets the highest security, compliance and certification standards. AES encryption: All card numbers are encrypted with AES-256 on-disk. Isolated infrastructure: the processes of storing, decrypting and transferring card numbers run on a separate host infrastructure. So they are neither stored at Bubble Box nor passed on to Stripe's main services.

Where can I redeem my voucher?

In the order process you have the possibility to enter the voucher code in the shopping cart. In our stores you can physically bring the voucher.

I have a discount code. Where can I redeem it?

Den Rabattcode kannst du während dem Bestellprozess beim Feld „Gutschein einlösen“ eingeben und einlösen.

My code does not work. What can I do?

Maybe your order does not meet the requirements for the coupon code or the code is already expired. Our customer service will be happy to help you.

Home delivery
In which locations is the home delivery service available?

The home delivery service can be booked in the regions of Zurich, Lake Zurich and along the Limmat Valley as far as Baden. Also in Winterthur to Frauenfeld, Weinfelden and Wil, in Zug, Lucerne, Basel, Berne and the Aare Valley. Simply start with the order process. In the step "delivery type" you can enter your postal code and we will inform you whether you are in the home delivery area or whether we serve you with the Wöschpost.

How much does the home delivery service cost?

Collection and delivery are free of charge. There is only a minimum quantity surcharge up to an order value of CHF 49.00. So if your order value is only CHF 40.00, a minimum quantity surcharge of CHF 9.00 will apply.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value is CHF 49.00. If you order for less than CHF 49.00, the difference will be listed as a minimum quantity surcharge on the invoice.

How long does the cleaning with Bubble Box take?

With home delivery service, your laundry will be fresh again after 48 hours at the earliest. For special products such as carpets and leather items, the delivery time is longer.

At what times is Bubble Box available?

In the check-out process you will see the free pick-up and delivery dates and the corresponding time slots. We are on the road from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 22:30 and on Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00.

How do I need to sort my laundry for pickup?

Jenachdem welches Angebot du gewählt hast. „EASY“ kommt in den dunkelblauen „EASY“ Wöschsack, „MIX & MATCH“ in die beigen Baumwollsäcke. Bei „MIX & MATCH“ kannst du deine Wäsche einfach in einen der beigen Wöschsäcke stecken. Wir sortieren dann in unseren Produktionen deine Textilien anhand der Farben, Materialien und Pflegeetiketten.

I have different beige laundry bags, one for Dry Cleaning and one for Wash & Fold. Can I pre-sort my laundry like this?

Beim „MIX & MATCH“ Angebot sind die Bags kein Indikator dafür, wie die Wäsche verarbeitet wird. Du musst lediglich zwischen „EASY“ = dunkelblau, „MIX & MATCH“ = beige unterscheiden. Unsere Mitarbeitenden in den Wäschereien sind Profis und wissen genau, welche Artikel wie behandelt werden dürfen. Deshalb machen wir bei jedem Eingang eine Kontrolle und sortieren die Wäsche anhand unseres Produktangebots und den Pflegeetiketten.

I don't have a laundry bag yet. What should I do?

Kein Ding – unsere Fahrer haben immer Wöschsäcke dabei. Ansonsten kannst du uns gerne im Vorfeld kontaktieren und wir lassen dir einen Wöschsack zukommen.

Do I have to tag my laundry?

Nein. Was du bei der ersten Bestellung tun kannst, ist ein Zettel mit deinem Namen und deiner Adresse in dem Sack zu verstauen. Dann ist’s für uns in der Wäscherei ein bisschen einfacher.

What happens if I am not home at the time of pickup or delivery?

If you are not at home - don't worry, this can happen to anyone. The first time we do not charge you a fee. For further misses we charge a no-show fee of CHF 19.90.

Please note: You can change the pickup date in your customer account up to one day before the pickup and the delivery date up to two days before the delivery. Were you not at home for the pickup/delivery? Then please contact our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or +41 58 255 48 48.

Can I leave my laundry outside the door?

Sure. If you have to leave or are otherwise busy, you can also deposit your laundry for our drivers. However, please make sure that the driver has access to the deposited bag. In this case, you are responsible for the laundry until it is picked up.

I am not at home when the delivery is made. Can you also deposit my laundry at my front door?

Of course. At your request, our drivers can also leave the laundry at your doorstep. We will then take a proof photo of it. As soon as the laundry is unloaded by us, the liability is transferred to you.

I am not at home when the delivery is made. Can the laundry be picked up/delivered to my neighbor?

Yes of course. Please call us so that we can inform our drivers in time. It is important that you inform us of any last-minute changes by phone.

I have moved. Where can I enter my new address?

You can easily and quickly change your address in your customer account. If you have a subscription, please contact our customer service early enough so that we can change the subscription as well.

The driver is late and I can't wait any longer. What can I do?

We are sorry for this and it should not happen. If this does happen, it is our goal to inform you about the delay as soon as possible. You are welcome to contact our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or +41 58 255 48 48 to arrange a new delivery date.

Unfortunately, I need to cancel my order. Where can I do that?

To cancel your order, please contact our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or +41 58 255 48 48, by 16:00 the day before pickup. For cancellations at short notice, we ask you to notify us by phone.

What is Wöschpost?

The Wöschpost is an offer from Bubble Box in cooperation with the Swiss Post. It allows you to use our dry cleaning and laundry service throughout Switzerland without having to leave your home.

Collections are not possible:
– an Adressen ausserhalb der Schweiz und des Fürstentums Liechtenstein
– in den Enklaven 8238 Büsingen und 6911 Campione
– bei Postfachadressen, Pick-Post-Stellen und MyPost24 Automaten
– bei Adressen, die nur mit spezieller Zutrittsberechtigung möglich sind (z.B. Flughafenareale, internationale Organisationen, Banken)
– bei Adressen, an welche die Post gemäss Vereinbarung nicht an das Domizil, sondern an ein Postfach zustellt (z.B. in Überbauungen, Ferienhaussiedlungen)
– wenn Pakete ungenügend verpackt oder nicht versandbereit sind

How does it work?

You order your Bubble Box service online and a laundry bag for the Wöschpost (not the same bag as the home delivery service). You will receive the laundry bag the next day in your mail. Put your laundry in the bag, write your address on the label and deposit the bag in the place you chose when you placed your order. The postman will then pick up the bag. As soon as your laundry arrives in our production facility, it is cleaned, folded and carefully packed. Our cleaning process takes about 48 hours. After cleaning, the package is handed over to the post office and usually delivered to you the following working day.

What does the Wöschpost service cost?

For Wöschpost there is a shipping charge of CHF 9.50 per order. These are omitted from an order value of CHF 99.00. In addition, there is a minimum quantity surcharge up to an order value of CHF 49.00. If your order costs only CHF 30.00, a minimum quantity surcharge of CHF 19.00 applies.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value is CHF 49.00. If you order for less than CHF 49.00, the difference will be listed as a minimum quantity surcharge on the invoice.

How long does the cleaning with the Wöschpost take?

The Wöschpost service takes about 5-6 working days. The cleaning process excluding shipping takes two working days. We ship everything by A Mail, which usually takes one working day. However, we do not have any direct influence on the time of the postal shipment.

Where can I get a laundry bag for shipping?

You can order a laundry bag for the Wöschpost online at www.bubblebox.ch in the order process. We will send it to you by A Mail. The dimensions of the laundry bag are 59 x 70 cm. If you need a bigger bag for larger orders (e.g. bedding), please contact our customer service. 

I already have a cotton laundry bag from Bubble Box. Can I also use this for the Wöschpost service?

No, unfortunately not. For the Wöschpost we use other bags than for the home delivery service. Please order your bag online.

Do I have to order a laundry bag for each new order?

No, only the first time. With each delivery of your laundry you will receive a new laundry bag. The dimensions of the laundry bag are 59 x 70 cm. If you need a bigger bag for larger orders (e.g. bedding), please contact our customer service. 

Which delivery times are offered?

Delivery times are according to the Swiss Post from Monday to Friday from 07:00 - 18:00.

What happens at the time of collection?

Make sure that your laundry bag is ready for the postman before 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Depending on what you have chosen: at the mailbox, at the entrance to the house or personal pick-up at the apartment door. Don't forget to write your address on the address label. The postman will take care of the franking.

How does the delivery work?

You will receive your laundry by mail. All clothes are folded with the Wöschpost service. As selected when ordering, the package is deposited by the postman at the entrance or the mailbox or handed over to you directly. A laundry bag for the next delivery is already enclosed.

Do I have to frank my package?

No, the postman will do this for you directly during pick-up. Simply fill in the return address on the address label on your laundry bag with your name and address before depositing the laundry bag.

Can collection or delivery dates be changed at short notice?

Collection dates can be changed until the day before pick-up at 14:00. To do so, contact our customer service by Email or phone. Delivery dates must be adjusted two days before the selected date.

My laundry bag hasn't arrived yet and the pickup is scheduled for today. What can I do?

We are sorry for that. Please contact us directly by phone so that we can send you the laundry bag again and arrange a new collection date.

My laundry bag has not been picked up despite a scheduled pickup. What can I do?

We are sorry. Please contact our customer service by phone. We will then create a new pickup with you.

Do I need to include a list of my belongings in the laundry bag?

No, this is not necessary. We count and weigh your clothes before washing. However, you can enter your textiles to be cleaned in the order process if you wish.

Can I also get my clothes on hangers?

No, with the Wöschpost you get your clothes back folded.

My package was lost. Who is liable?

Your clothes are in our care during the cleaning process. As soon as the package is picked up by the post office, handed over by you or by us to the post office, the liability lies with the post office. You can find more information about this in the terms and conditions of the Swiss Post. When the post office has delivered the package according to your instructions, the liability lies with you again.

The postman has deposited my package without my consent. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we have no influence on this. The postman delivers the package as you have specified in your order. If you have also given permission directly to the Swiss Post that they may deposit packages, you must change this directly with Swiss Post.

Locker stations
What are locker stations?

Locker stations are drop-off points that are accessible every day. You can put your laundry in a locker, we will pick it up, clean it and deliver it back. As soon as the fresh laundry is ready to be picked up, we will inform you and you can pick up your laundry whenever you want.

Where can I find Locker Stations?

Currently we have 4 locker stations in Zurich. In Greencity, Mattenhof, Else-Züblin West and at Widmerstrasse 73.

How does the cleaning take when I use the locker stations?

You can see the available pickup and delivery days on our website in the order process.

Can I drop off my laundry at the locker station and have it delivered to my home afterwards?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. However, we are currently working on a solution.

In which locker should I put my laundry?

It doesn't matter. Just put it in a free locker. In Greencity at the digital locker station, a free locker opens automatically when you enter a drop-off.

How do I know in which locker my laundry was deposited?

In the case of analog lockers, we will send you the locker number by e-mail with the pickup notification. You will also find your code to access the locker in it. With digital lockers, you can scan the QR code from the pickup notification at the terminal and the locker with your laundry will open automatically.

Which code do I need to open the locker?

For analog lockers, you will receive the locker code from us by e-mail and you can also find it in your customer account. With digital lockers, you can scan the QR code from the pickup notification (e-mail) or your customer account at the terminal and the locker with your laundry will open.

I don't have a laundry bag. What should I do?

Nimm einfach einen beliebigen Sack, schreibe deinen Vornamen und Namen sowie deine Adressdaten, E-Mailadresse und Telefonnummer auf einen Zettel und lege diesen in den Sack. Bei der Rücklieferung erhältst du einen Wöschsack von uns, den du künftig verwenden kannst. Falls du das Angebot „EASY“ gebucht hast, melde dich bitte bei uns, damit wir dir einen Wöschsack zukommen lassen können.

My assigned locker is empty. Where is my laundry?

Please contact our customer service. Normally the information is correct, but it can happen that the technology does not work as we want.

I should have received my delivery already, but I have not received a pickup notification yet. What happened?

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. It is best to contact our customer service directly. We will be happy to help you.

Digital Lockers: The terminal does not work and the screen is black.

Please contact our customer service by phone at +41 58 255 48 48 or via email at hello@bubblebox.ch .

What are the shops?

These are our stores, where on the one hand we partially perform cleaning and on the other hand we offer consultations. Traditional cleaning businesses as you know them.

Where are your shops located?

We have four stores spread over four cantons. Wallisellen (ZH), Rotkreuz (ZG), Basel (BS) and Binningen (BL).

When are your stores open?

The opening hours vary depending on the location. You can find the latest information here.

Can I park at your stores?

Yes, parking is available at all stores.

Can I drop laundry off at the store and then have it delivered to my home?

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. If you want to have a delivery, you can place your home delivery service or Wöschpost order online.

How can I pay in your stores?

We accept cash, debit and credit cards.

What is the shirt and blouse subscription in the stores?

Exclusively in our stores you can buy subscriptions for shirts and blouses. Subscriptions of 20, 50 and 100 shirts/blouses are available. Depending on the quantity you save a lot on your shirts and blouses.

Business customers
What do you offer for business customers?

We offer two services. First, we wash and clean all professional linens from various industries. Second, we offer a fringe benefit program for your employees. You get a pick-up station for your location, where your employees can drop off their private laundry. You can find more information here.

For what kind of companies is your service available?

Unser Service ist für alle Branchen verfügbar. Von Beauty-Studios über Restaurants bis zu Arztpraxen und medizinischen Einrichtungen – auch deine Branche.

I would like to use your laundry service for my company. How do I proceed?

The best way is to fill out our contact form here . Our team will contact you as soon as possible to find a suitable solution.

We are interested. How soon can we get started?

We are very flexible and can set up the service for you within a few days. Simply contact us via the contact form, by Email or phone !

How does the payment work?

As a business customer, you can pay either by credit card or monthly invoice. With the Fringe Benefit offer, you can decide whether the company pays the entire cost or a part of it. Otherwise, employees can deposit their credit card when placing an order and pay for their orders themselves.

How much will the Fringe Benefit service cost me?

We have three different models. You can find all the info here.

What are the notice periods?

We work with binding offers and have no contracts in place. Thus, there are also no notice periods.

Fringe Benefit
What are pick-up points?

Pick-up points are places where you can drop off your laundry. Some of these are open to the public others are located in companies where only employees have access.
You can find the public pick-ups on our map on the homepage or in the order process.

How do pick-up points work?

Du kannst deine Wäsche mitbringen, diese gemäss Anleitung am Pick-up Point aufgeben und that’s it!
We will contact you as soon as your fresh clothes are ready for pick-up.

Do I need a laundry bag when using a pick-up station?

No. There are laundry bags at the pick-up station that you can fill with your laundry when you place your first order.

How long does the cleaning take at the pick-up points?

Depending on the location between 48 hours and a week. You will find out the exact time when you place your order.

Can I pay on site at the pick-up points?

No. Please provide your credit card when placing your order. You can only pay on site in our stores.

How do I know when my laundry is ready to be picked up?

You will receive an email as soon as your fresh laundry is ready for pickup.

No pick-up station is near me. Can I still use Bubble Box?

Sure! We are available throughout Switzerland. Start the process on the home page and find out which services are available to you based on your zip code.

Can I become a partner and set up a pick-up point at my location?

We are always looking for new locations and would like to constantly expand our offer. If you would like to set up a pick-up point, you can contact us via the contact form .

"Easy" Offering
What is "EASY"?

"EASY" is a new offering for washing laundry. You can pack all textiles that can be washed and dried by machine according to the textile care label in the dark blue "EASY" laundry bag. For an "EASY" laundry bag you pay only CHF 49.- per bag.
All "EASY" textiles are machine washed at 30° C, 40° C or 60° C, dried and/or steamed and folded and delivered in the "EASY" laundry bag. Shirts and blouses are delivered steamed (not ironed) and hanging on the hanger. Excluded from the "EASY" offering are clothes that require dry cleaning, as well as carpets, curtains, leather goods and additional services.
Excluded from the "EASY" offering are clothes that require dry cleaning, as well as carpets, curtains, leather goods and additional services.

How much does "EASY" cost?

Per "EASY" laundry bag you pay only CHF 49.- including collection and delivery

How big is the "EASY" laundry bag?

The dimensions of the "EASY" laundry bag are 47 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm.

What fits in the "EASY" bag?

In the "EASY" laundry bag fit for example:
– 5 T-Shirts
- 1 hoody
- 1 pair of jeans
- 2 terry cloth towels
- 1 set of bed linen (fitted sheet, pillowcase and comforter cover)

How tightly can I fill the "EASY" laundry bag?

You can basically pack textiles into the "EASY" laundry bag until it is full (maximum filling capacity on the laundry bag) and can still be closed well. We recommend that you do not overfill the "EASY" laundry bag, as the clean and folded textiles must fit back into the bag for delivery. If the maximum filling capacity is exceeded, an additional bag will be charged.

How are the textiles treated in the "EASY" offering?

The textiles are machine-washed at 30° C, 40° C or 60° C and tumble-dried in accordance with the textile care label.
– Clothes: machine-steamed and delivered folded
– Shirts & blouses: machine steamed (not ironed, also collars and cuffs are not ironed) and delivered hanging on hangers
– Flat linen and terry cloth (e.g. bed/table linen, bath towels): tumble-dried and delivered folded

What does steamed mean?

With "EASY", the garments are steamed. They are conveyed hanging through the tunnel finisher. In the process, the wrinkles are removed with the help of steam. With "EASY", the textiles will not be ironed.

What is a tunnel finisher?

The clothes are hung on hangers on a conveyor belt and automatically transported on it through a system of several chambers. In these chambers, the clothing is treated with steam and hot air. First, it reaches a steam area in the tunnel finisher, where steam is sprayed through nozzles onto the garments. The steam makes the fiber formable. Then, warm air is blown onto the garments from above. The temperature and the strong air flow smooth the textiles. Before finally leaving the tunnel, the clothes are fixed with cooler air.

Can I also put textiles for dry cleaning in the "EASY" laundry bag?

No. The "EASY" offering only includes textiles that can be washed and dried by machine according to the textile care label. Textiles that cannot be washed or tumble-dried according to the textile care label will be sorted out and treated, invoiced and delivered according to the "MIX & MATCH" offering.

With "EASY", are stains also treated?

No. With "EASY" all textiles are washed only according to the temperature indicated on the care label. If you have garments with heavier soiling or stubborn stains, you can hand them over in the beige laundry bag for the "MIX & MATCH" offer. These will then be charged per piece.

Can I also receive my "EASY" textiles ironed or book additional services?

No. If you would like to have your clothes ironed or require additional services such as waterproofing, you can put them in the beige laundry bag for the "MIX & MATCH" offering. These will then be charged per piece.

I do not have an "EASY" laundry bag. Can I drop off the items in the beige cotton bag or in any other bag?

No. Please contact us or ask our drivers directly for the "EASY" laundry bag.
We will wash and charge the textiles based on the laundry bag you drop off your clothes in.

What is the difference between the dark blue and beige bags?

The color of the laundry bag defines the selected offering:
"EASY" = dark blue laundry bag
"MIX & MATCH" = beige laundry bags (regardless of the format)

I want to have my laundry washed with "EASY", but I still have shirts and blouses that need to be ironed. What should I do?

You can combine the offers "EASY" and "MIX & MATCH". Please make sure that you put them in the right laundry bag. "EASY" comes in the dark blue "EASY" laundry bag and "MIX & MATCH" in the beige cotton bag.

What is the difference between "EASY" & "Wash & Fold"?

«EASY»is a special offering for all textiles that can be washed and dried by machine according to the textile care label (including bed linen, shirts, T-shirts, etc.). Billing is per laundry bag.
If you choose "MIX & MATCH" but also have certain clothes for washing and folding, these will be charged per kilogram. Included are pajamas, underwear, socks/tights, sportswear, hoodies & sweaters, bodysuits & leggings, swimwear, bathrobes, bath towels, terrycloth towels & cleaning cloths).

Shirt and blouse service
How much does it cost to clean a shirt or blouse?

Standard shirts and blouses, washed & machine ironed cost CHF 4.90.

How long does the cleaning take?

Most of the time you need your shirts and blouses back within a very short time. We offer the cleaning already from a processing time of 48 hours.

What is the difference between machine and hand ironed?

Shirts are usually set up on the shirt finisher and ironed with hot steam. Small things are re-ironed by hand. This process is much faster than complete ironing by hand, so the price is different.

Can I have my shirts/blouses folded?

Yes. Normally we deliver blouses and shirts hanging on the hanger. The exception to this is the Wöschpost.
If you would like them folded, please feel free to note this in the order comment during the ordering process. There is a small surcharge of CHF 2.00.

My white shirt has a grayish cast to it. Do you also offer bleaching?

Yes. For an additional charge, we also bleach shirts to make them shine fresh again.

My shirt is missing buttons. Can you sew them back on during cleaning?

Yes, this is possible. Please label the shirts separately, which should be repaired. The prices for repair work can be found on our price list. The processing time may be longer due to the necessary repair. If this is the case, we will contact you to set a new delivery date.

Wash & Fold
What is Wash & Fold?

Wash & Fold is everyday laundry that is washed, dried and folded.

Which garments belong to Wash & Fold?

At Wash & Fold you can drop off the following items: pajamas, underwear, socks/tights, sportswear, hoodies & sweaters, bodysuits & leggings, swimwear, bathrobes & towels, terrycloths & rags.

How long does it take to get my laundry back?

It depends on the available time slots on your order, but at least 48 hours.

How much does Wash & Fold cost?

Wash & Fold is charged by kilogram at CHF 7.90 per kilo. The minimum quantity is 1 kg and we round up to the next full kilo.

How is the laundry washed?

We sort your clothes by light and dark, wash them at 30 °C, 40 °C or 60 °C (of course only if the textiles are approved according to the care label) and dry them carefully in the dryer. Afterwards, the clothes are carefully folded before they make their way back to you.

Do I need to separate the laundry between Wash & Fold and cleaning items to be treated and ironed individually?

No. For each item, we clearly define how it is calculated and sorted. That's why you don't have to worry about it. You can simply deliver everything together in your laundry bag and we will take care of the sorting.

I would like to have my items ironed in the Wash & Fold. Is that possible?

Unfortunately not. Our offer for Wash & Fold is valid for the mentioned items (see above). Due to the large order quantity and quality assurance, we can not make exceptions.

What is the difference between "EASY" & "Wash & Fold"?

The textiles are treated identically with "EASY" and "Wash & Fold".
Easy is a special offering for all textiles that can be washed and dried by machine according to the textile care label (including bed linen, shirts, T-shirts, etc.). Billing is per laundry bag.
If you choose "MIX & MATCH" but also have certain clothes for washing and folding, these will be charged per kilogram. Included are pajamas, underwear, socks/tights, sportswear, hoodies & sweaters, bodysuits & leggings, swimwear, bathrobes, bath towels, terrycloth towels & cleaning cloths).

What bedding can I get cleaned with Bubble Box?

We clean your comforter, pillows as well as mattress covers, bed linen and sheets.
Comforters and pillows made of down, synthetic fiber, natural fibers as well as natural hair can be delivered to us for cleaning.

Why should bedding be cleaned regularly?

People lose up to half a liter of fluid per night, as well as many small skin flakes. These not only settle in the bedding, but also get stuck in the pillow and comforter. Down can clump, the materials can no longer absorb the sweat at some point and the balancing warming effect of the comforters and pillows can be impaired. In addition, they are a paradise for bacteria and mites. Good daily airing can be a good preventive measure. This is best done while the bed is unmade. Nevertheless, pillows, blankets and mattress covers should be cleaned every 1 to 2 years to get rid of the residues.

How long does the cleaning take?

You will have your bed contents back in no time. The processing time is about 48 hours and they will be back with you on the ordered delivery date.

What is the cost of cleaning the bed contents?

The cost varies depending on the size, texture and filling materials. On our price list you will find the corresponding costs listed.

How are bed contents treated?

We clean or wash your bedding according to the manufacturer's textile care label. The materials are cared for gently and sustainably.

My comforter still has stains despite cleaning. Why?

This can happen because of the processes. Washing dissolves water-based stains, while cleaning dissolves grease-based stains. Your textiles are hygienically clean after treatment. However, it may be that, for example, visible water-based stains are still present after cleaning, because the product must not be washed according to the care label.

Leather cleaning
Can I give my leather clothing to you as well?

Yes, we also clean leather garments. Please note that the processing time is about 2 weeks. If you include leather and regular wash, you will receive your items in partial shipments.

How much does leather cleaning cost?

The prices depend on the size and the desired service. You can find an overview here.

How often should leather be cleaned?

Leather is a natural product and is very robust and durable if you take good care of it. If you grease the leather once or twice a year, it will generally last a very long time. The drier the leather, the faster it absorbs dirt. However, cleaning is not necessary on a regular basis if the leather is well cared for.

Can I have the leather maintained as well?

Yes, we maintain the leather after cleaning and grease it again, so that it regains its shine and protective layer.

Can my leather piece also be dyed?

Leather can also be dyed or recolored. We will be happy to advise you personally.

Can I clean leather at home by myself?

We recommend that you hand over your leather to professionals. Home remedies and remedies from the supermarket are often not adapted to your product and damage it rather than make it shine. If you take care, professional use is necessary rather rarely.

Carpet cleaning
Do you clean carpets?

Yes, we also clean carpets. Please note that the processing time for carpets is about 2 weeks.

What type of carpets do you clean?

We clean everything from regular household carpets to museum carpets.

How much does a carpet cleaning cost?

Prices vary depending on carpet size, type and required maintenance. For carpet cleaning we charge a minimum of 1x m2 for CHF 29.00.

I do not know what kind of carpet I have.

No problem. Here you will find a little help. Otherwise, we will be happy to advise you personally. The best thing to do is to take pictures of your carpet and send us the photos by e-mail, then we will get back to you.

How are carpets treated?

Carpets are first measured and inspected for damage. Then they are beaten and washed. Only in the case of special contamination, a special cleaning procedure is necessary.

How is a carpet washed?

The carpets are washed as in the Orient. Depending on their characteristics, they are soaped on the washing surface with a disc brush machine. Stubborn stains are treated with an appropriate stain remover. The carpet is rinsed with plenty of water using special flat-jet nozzles. Dewatering is done by long-drum centrifuges without deforming or wrinkling the carpet.

Is it possible to additionally waterproof the carpet?

We do not offer this. Our long experience has shown that on used carpets waterproofing often does not achieve the desired results. Each carpet is an individual and therefore it is not easy to find the perfect dosage for impregnation. In order to protect our customers from money badly invested, we do not offer carpet waterproofing. A clean well rinsed wool is largely self-cleaning.

Should I book additional moth protection?

Moth protection can be added on request. This process is called eulanization. This lasts about 12 years and survives washing twice. The investment can therefore be well worth it.

Do I have to worry about my carpet deforming during washing?

No. For carpets whose basic fabric is made of real hair, tensioning may be necessary after washing. The carpet is stretched to straighten any waves and deformations. Depending on the case, an additional finishing may also be necessary.

Can any kind of stains be removed?

In general, yes. Of course, it depends on the material of the carpet, what the stain is made of and how long it has been there. We will be happy to advise you personally.

Can I have my carpet repaired as well?

Yes, sure! We offer different kinds of repair work, such as pulling in new fringes, cranking edges or plugging holes and tears. We are happy to advise you on this.

I live in a multi-story building without an elevator. Will you still pick up the carpet?

Yes, we will do that anyway. However, please inform us at least two days before the pickup so that we can schedule two employees for the pickup if necessary.

No suitable answer found?

We will be happy to help you personally. Contact us via contact form or by phone via +41 58 255 48 48.