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directly to your home

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In Zurich, Winterthur, Basel, Zug, Lucerne and Berne.

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delivery time

We deliver your fresh laundry 
48 hours after pickup.


Choose your preferred 30 minutes timeslot for
pickup and delivery between 6:00 am and 10:30 pm.

Leaving the house to take your clothes to the cleaners and planning your day around opening hours is a thing of the past!

We offer you a reliable home delivery service from Monday to Saturday with time slots starting at 6:00 in the morning and ending at 10:30 in the evening.
Our drivers will come to your doorstep on the day of pickup, pick up your full laundry bag and return it to you at the agreed time.

Hanging garments such as shirts, suits and jackets are delivered on hangers, everyday clothes are folded. If you would also like to have the hanging garments folded, you can select this when ordering.

A minimum order value of CHF 49.- applies for the home delivery service.
If this is not reached, we charge the difference as a minimum quantity surcharge.

And here's how:

Laundry has never been so easy!


You enter your order online and choose a date and time slot that suits you.


We pick up your laundry at the place and time you specify. Whether at home, at the office or at the hairdresser - you decide!


Our team of experts separates your laundry according to colors, materials and care instructions. Then they are carefully cleaned and cared for.


As soon as your clothes are on their way, you will receive a message and we will deliver your clean, fresh-smelling laundry back to you on time.

Any questions?
In which locations is the home delivery service available?

The home delivery service can be booked in the regions of Zurich, Lake Zurich and along the Limmat Valley as far as Baden. Also in Winterthur to Frauenfeld, Weinfelden and Wil, in Zug, Lucerne, Basel, Berne and the Aare Valley. Simply start with the order process. In the step "delivery type" you can enter your postal code and we will inform you whether you are in the home delivery area or whether we serve you with the Wöschpost.

How much does the home delivery service cost?

Collection and delivery are free of charge. There is only a minimum quantity surcharge up to an order value of CHF 49.00. So if your order value is only CHF 40.00, a minimum quantity surcharge of CHF 9.00 will apply.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value is CHF 49.00. If you order for less than CHF 49.00, the difference will be listed as a minimum quantity surcharge on the invoice.

How long does the cleaning with Bubble Box take?

With home delivery service, your laundry will be fresh again after 48 hours at the earliest. For special products such as carpets and leather items, the delivery time is longer.

At what times is Bubble Box available?

In the check-out process you will see the free pick-up and delivery dates and the corresponding time slots. We are on the road from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 22:30 and on Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00.

How do I need to sort my laundry for pickup?

Jenachdem welches Angebot du gewählt hast. „EASY“ kommt in den dunkelblauen „EASY“ Wöschsack, „MIX & MATCH“ in die beigen Baumwollsäcke. Bei „MIX & MATCH“ kannst du deine Wäsche einfach in einen der beigen Wöschsäcke stecken. Wir sortieren dann in unseren Produktionen deine Textilien anhand der Farben, Materialien und Pflegeetiketten.

I have different beige laundry bags, one for Dry Cleaning and one for Wash & Fold. Can I pre-sort my laundry like this?

Beim „MIX & MATCH“ Angebot sind die Bags kein Indikator dafür, wie die Wäsche verarbeitet wird. Du musst lediglich zwischen „EASY“ = dunkelblau, „MIX & MATCH“ = beige unterscheiden. Unsere Mitarbeitenden in den Wäschereien sind Profis und wissen genau, welche Artikel wie behandelt werden dürfen. Deshalb machen wir bei jedem Eingang eine Kontrolle und sortieren die Wäsche anhand unseres Produktangebots und den Pflegeetiketten.

I don't have a laundry bag yet. What should I do?

Kein Ding – unsere Fahrer haben immer Wöschsäcke dabei. Ansonsten kannst du uns gerne im Vorfeld kontaktieren und wir lassen dir einen Wöschsack zukommen.

Do I have to tag my laundry?

Nein. Was du bei der ersten Bestellung tun kannst, ist ein Zettel mit deinem Namen und deiner Adresse in dem Sack zu verstauen. Dann ist’s für uns in der Wäscherei ein bisschen einfacher.

What happens if I am not home at the time of pickup or delivery?

If you are not at home - don't worry, this can happen to anyone. The first time we do not charge you a fee. For further misses we charge a no-show fee of CHF 19.90.

Please note: You can change the pickup date in your customer account up to one day before the pickup and the delivery date up to two days before the delivery. Were you not at home for the pickup/delivery? Then please contact our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or +41 58 255 48 48.

Can I leave my laundry outside the door?

Sure. If you have to leave or are otherwise busy, you can also deposit your laundry for our drivers. However, please make sure that the driver has access to the deposited bag. In this case, you are responsible for the laundry until it is picked up.

I am not at home when the delivery is made. Can you also deposit my laundry at my front door?

Of course. At your request, our drivers can also leave the laundry at your doorstep. We will then take a proof photo of it. As soon as the laundry is unloaded by us, the liability is transferred to you.

I am not at home when the delivery is made. Can the laundry be picked up/delivered to my neighbor?

Yes of course. Please call us so that we can inform our drivers in time. It is important that you inform us of any last-minute changes by phone.

I have moved. Where can I enter my new address?

You can easily and quickly change your address in your customer account. If you have a subscription, please contact our customer service early enough so that we can change the subscription as well.

The driver is late and I can't wait any longer. What can I do?

We are sorry for this and it should not happen. If this does happen, it is our goal to inform you about the delay as soon as possible. You are welcome to contact our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or +41 58 255 48 48 to arrange a new delivery date.

Unfortunately, I need to cancel my order. Where can I do that?

To cancel your order, please contact our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or +41 58 255 48 48, by 16:00 the day before pickup. For cancellations at short notice, we ask you to notify us by phone.

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