Wash & Fold

We take care of your everyday laundry!

Wash & Fold

We take care of your everyday laundry!

Wash. Dry. Fold.

From underwear to T-shirt

The laundry pile has been greeting you for days, but you have neither the time nor the desire to wash, hang, fold and store the laundry in the closet? We take over for you! Because doing laundry is fun. When someone else does it for you!

With our service you can not only get rid of shirts, dresses and suits, but also forget about all your everyday clothes and indulge in nicer things than washing.

We sort your laundry for you according to light and dark, wash it at 30 °C, 40 °C or 60 °C, tumble dry it and fold it carefully.

Billing is per kilogram and is always rounded up to the next kilogram. A wash load at your home weighs approximately 5kg.

What clothes are part of everyday laundry?

Included in the Wash & Fold are:

– Pyjama
– Underwear
– Socks
– Tights
– Sportswear
– Hoodies
– Sweaters
– Bodysuits
– Leggings
– Terrycloth
– Swimwear
– Bathrobes
– Bath towels
– Cleaning rags

Excluded from the Wash & Fold are all textiles not listed above as well as textiles with the care label "P“/“F“/“W“, textiles made of silk, linen, cashmere and down as well as bed linen and table linen.

Any questions?
What is Wash & Fold?

Wash & Fold is everyday laundry that is washed, dried and folded.

Which garments belong to Wash & Fold?

At Wash & Fold you can drop off the following items: pajamas, underwear, socks/tights, sportswear, hoodies & sweaters, bodysuits & leggings, swimwear, bathrobes & towels, terrycloths & rags.

How long does it take to get my laundry back?

It depends on the available time slots on your order, but at least 48 hours.

How much does Wash & Fold cost?

Wash & Fold is charged by kilogram at CHF 9.90 per kilo. The minimum quantity is 1 kg and we round up to the next full kilo.

How is the laundry washed?

We sort your clothes by light and dark, wash them at 30 °C, 40 °C or 60 °C (of course only if the textiles are approved according to the care label) and dry them carefully in the dryer. Afterwards, the clothes are carefully folded before they make their way back to you.

Do I need to separate the laundry between Wash & Fold and cleaning items to be treated and ironed individually?

No. For each item, we clearly define how it is calculated and sorted. That's why you don't have to worry about it. You can simply deliver everything together in your laundry bag and we will take care of the sorting.

I would like to have my items ironed in the Wash & Fold. Is that possible?

Unfortunately not. Our offer for Wash & Fold is valid for the mentioned items (see above). Due to the large order quantity and quality assurance, we can not make exceptions.

What is the difference between "EASY" & "Wash & Fold"?

The textiles are treated identically with "EASY" and "Wash & Fold".
Easy is a special offering for all textiles that can be washed and dried by machine according to the textile care label (including bed linen, shirts, T-shirts, etc.). Billing is per laundry bag.
If you choose "MIX & MATCH" but also have certain clothes for washing and folding, these will be charged per kilogram. Included are pajamas, underwear, socks/tights, sportswear, hoodies & sweaters, bodysuits & leggings, swimwear, bathrobes, bath towels, terrycloth towels & cleaning cloths).