Wedding dresses

There for you after the "I do"!

wedding dresses

There for you after the "I do"!

Shining for eternity

The stains go, the memories stay.

After the wedding remain the beautiful memories and a spotted dream of tulle and lace.
We'll make your dress beautiful again and make sure it shines for eternity.

No wedding dress survives the big day without accidents. Stains from food and wine, a dirty hem, invisible soiling from deodorants, sweat, etc., as well as odors are completely normal, but should not remain untreated on the noble fabric for too long. They can cause damage afterwards, discolor the fabric in the long term or attract moths.

To ensure that you can still enjoy taking your dress out of the closet, wearing it again or passing it on to your next generation many years from now, the dress should go to a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible after the wedding. With a thorough cleaning and odor removal, the dress will be fresh, clean and the fabric sealed again.

We are your partner for the professional cleaning of wedding dresses. With gentle procedures, appropriate cleaning methods and the right products, we treat your wedding dress carefully and bring it to your home fresh.

Our offering
wedding dress
at most 1 petticoat
CHF 149
wedding dress
several petticoats
CHF 249
wedding dress
petticoats, sequins, etc.
CHF 299
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Any questions?
How much does it cost to clean a shirt or blouse?

Standard shirts and blouses, washed & machine ironed cost CHF 4.90.

How long does the cleaning take?

Most of the time you need your shirts and blouses back within a very short time. We offer the cleaning already from a processing time of 48 hours.

What is the difference between machine and hand ironed?

Shirts are usually set up on the shirt finisher and ironed with hot steam. Small things are re-ironed by hand. This process is much faster than complete ironing by hand, so the price is different.

Can I have my shirts/blouses folded?

Yes. Normally we deliver blouses and shirts hanging on the hanger. The exception to this is the Wöschpost.
If you would like them folded, please feel free to note this in the order comment during the ordering process. There is a small surcharge of CHF 2.00.

My white shirt has a grayish cast to it. Do you also offer bleaching?

Yes. For an additional charge, we also bleach shirts to make them shine fresh again.

My shirt is missing buttons. Can you sew them back on during cleaning?

Yes, this is possible. Please label the shirts separately, which should be repaired. The prices for repair work can be found on our price list. The processing time may be longer due to the necessary repair. If this is the case, we will contact you to set a new delivery date.