today for the future


today for the future

We strive for more sustainability in our everyday life, which is why the treatment of our planet is a central factor at Bubble Box. We see it as our duty to give something back to the earth and to constantly make our entire value chain more sustainable.
Every day we are looking for new solutions to operate in a more modern, environmentally conscious and innovative way than yesterday.

From reusable laundry bags and biodegradable packaging foil to automatic detergent dosing and heat optimization - discover our measures. 
In addition, we are constantly optimizing our machinery in order to reduce consumption and environmental impact with the most modern technology possible.

Our Actions

Reusable cotton laundry bags

With us, as a customer, you will receive laundry bags made of breathable cotton, which are reusable. From the first order you will have your own bags, personalized with a reusable label.

100% biodegradable films

Everyone is familiar with the clear plastic film that you get over your hanging clothes after a dry clean to protect them from dirt and moisture during transport. We have eliminated the traditional film from our concept and replaced it with a more ecologically sustainable, biodegradable film. It complies with EN standard 13432 and is certified by TÜV Austria with OK Compost. The film is 100% biodegradable, compostable and GMO-free!

Optimum detergent dosage thanks to liquid dosing pumps

Too much detergent pollutes the environment and is bad for your textiles. That's why we use automatic liquid dosing pumps that add only the most necessary amount of detergent to each wash cycle. In addition, we use detergents that are more environmentally friendly than conventional detergents from the supermarket.

Reduction of water usage thanks to hot water recovery

We recycle heated cooling water from the cleaning machines and return the clean hot water to the washing machine water circuit. In this way, we save several hundred thousand liters of fresh water each year and can reduce the energy consumption of our production facilities by a third.

Energy saving thanks to heat pump dryer

With heat pump dryers, the hot exhaust air is not expelled but reused for the entire drying process. By using state-of-the-art heat pump dryers, we reduce our energy consumption in the drying process by 40-60% and can thus greatly increase the energy efficiency of our factories.

Electric car BMWi3

In 2021, we purchased a BMW i3, which is now used by our sales and production team to visit our customers and production sites. We are currently working on a more environmentally friendly solution for our entire fleet.

100% emission compensation

100% emission compensation

If we can't do it alone, we can do it together!

Since 2020 we are in a partnership with "myclimate". Even though we already do a lot to minimize the impact on the environment with our service, a textile cleaning business is not free of emissions. And this is where "myclimate" comes into play. We compensate the organization for all the environmentally harmful emissions that we still cause in our value chain on a daily basis. The donations we make are used to support projects that promote global climate protection and sustainable development. In addition to carbon offsetting, we can also support initiatives in local communities around the world that create new jobs, improve local infrastructure or reduce health risks for local residents. Currently, our contributions are flowing into the project "Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda". Find out here which projects you can also support with your cleaning job with us.