Successfully passed quality and hygiene certification

EFIT fashioncare Qualitäts- und Hygienezertifizierung

Quality and hygiene are our top priorities alongside convenience. Since we are not fans of empty words, we are inspected and certified annually by the independent organization EFIT (European Research Association for Innovative Textile Care).

5 tips for a hygienic and clean home

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The cold season is approaching again and with it viruses and bacteria that constantly put our immune system to the test. Your home is not safe from them either, because they not only like to hide in toilets or on door handles, but also in your textiles. As textile cleaning experts, we have come up with five tips on how you can keep your entire home hygienically clean.

Bubble Box takes over Tubago

Bubble Box takes over Tubago

As of October 1, 2022, the laundry and dry cleaning service Bubble Box will take over the Zurich-based laundry service Tubago.

Carpet types: What lies at your feet?

Carpet types

Carpets are not only dirt traps, but they also beautify your home and create a feel-good atmosphere. When moving or after a few years in use, the floor decoration may need thorough cleaning. Therefore, we help you here to identify the type of your carpet to find the most suitable cleaning process as quickly as possible.

Bubble Box and Keller Textile Cleaning join forces for the future

Keller Textilreinigungen Foto Shop Binningen

Bubble Box and the tradition-steeped company Keller Textilreinigung, with locations in Allschwil, Basel and Binningen, are merging as of January 1, 2021. With the acquisition, we are expanding our local presence and strengthening our home delivery service in the Basel/Northwestern Switzerland region.