• Free collection and delivery
  • Shirt from CHF 4.50
  • Short delivery times for highest comfort
  • Pick up and Drop off

    May I keep the awesome bubble box clothes bags?
    Sure. We use high quality fabric for our bags. They help protect our environment and you can re-use them for your next order.
    How do you want me to sort my laundry?
    We use two kinds of clothes bags: one for your dry cleaning and one for everything else. That’s the only sorting we’ll ask you to do – we’ll take care of the rest. Please make sure, though, that the clothing items you’d like us to wash & fold is suitable for tumble drying. You’ve run out of clothes bags? No problem – our drivers always have enough in stock. You’ve got plenty of time on your hands? Feel free to unbutton your shirts and blouses before putting them into the clothes bags.
    Where do I place my order?
    It’s really easy to place your order on www.bubblebox.ch. Choose a pick up and drop off time every thirty minutes. Our driver will be there at the arranged time to pick up your laundry. He’ll be back with it fresh and clean – at the drop off time you’ve chosen. PS: Watch this space for the brand new Bubble Box app for your smartphone!
    The driver is late and I can’t wait any longer. What can I do?
    We’re really sorry – this shouldn’t happen. Nevertheless, if a delay does occur, our aim is to inform you as soon as possible. You haven’t heard from us yet? Please get in touch with our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or call +41 444 555 455.
    I’m sorry, but I would like to cancel my order. Is that a problem?
    You can cancel your order until 18:00 the previous evening. Please do so by contacting our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or calling +41 444 555 455.

    Placing your order & payment

    I would like Bubble Box to do my laundry. Do I need an account?
    No. We’re happy to take care of your clothes without registration. However, if you have an account you can save your favorite pick up and drop off addresses as well as your payment details. This will make it easier and faster for you to place an order.
    How much does it cost to have my laundry done?
    If we wash and fold your laundry, it will cost 7.50 per kilo, delivery is free of charge. You’ll find prices for dry cleaning and additional services in the services & prices section on our website.
    What’s the minimum ordering value?
    The minimum is 25 Swiss Francs.
    How can I best make my payment?
    You can pay online using your credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express.
    Where and how can I use a gift voucher?
    It’s very easy: when you place your order, we’ll ask you if you would like to use a voucher. Just enter the voucher code and we’ll adjust your payable amount automatically.


    How long do you take to do my laundry?
    On average your laundry takes us two days for pick up, cleaning and drop off. If your laundry includes challenging garments, it may take longer.
    Do you really clean everything?
    Almost. If a garment requires special care and if there is a concern, we’ll get in touch with you to inform you of the procedure we would suggest.
    I have an allergy. Do you have a special detergent for me?
    Sure. On request, we’ll be happy to use a perfume-free and hypoallergenic detergent for your laundry.
    Are my clothes insured?
    Yes, your clothes are insured the whole time they are with us. This includes the transport as well as the cleaning itself. If anything should happen to one of your clothing items, please let us know at hello@bubblebox.ch.