• Now available all over Switzerland
  • Shirt and blouse from CHF 4.90
  • 30-minute time window from 06:00-22:30
  • Pick up and Drop off

    May I keep the awesome bubble box clothes bags?
    Sure. We use high quality fabric for our bags. They help protect our environment and you can re-use them for your next order.
    How do you want me to sort my laundry?
    You don't have to sort your laundry. For us, the bags are not an indicator of how the laundry is processed. Our operators in the laundries are professionals and know exactly which items may be treated how. That's why we check all garments and sort them based on our product range and the care labels. You’ve run out of clothes bags? No problem – our drivers always have enough in stock. You’ve got plenty of time on your hands? Feel free to unbutton your shirts and blouses before putting them into the clothes bags.
    Where do I place my order?
    It’s really easy to place your order on www.bubblebox.ch. Choose a pick up and drop off time every thirty minutes. Our driver will be there at the arranged time to pick up your laundry. He’ll be back with it fresh and clean – at the drop off time you’ve chosen. PS: Watch this space for the brand new Bubble Box app for your smartphone!
    What happens if I am not at home at the time of pick-up or delivery?
    If you are not at home by accident - don't worry, it can happen to anyone. The first time, we won't charge you a fee. For further omissions we charge a no-show fee of CHF 19. Please note: Enter a new pick-up date in your customer account. Were you not at home for the delivery? Please contact our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or +41 58 255 48 48.
    The driver is late and I can’t wait any longer. What can I do?
    We’re really sorry – this shouldn’t happen. Nevertheless, if a delay does occur, our aim is to inform you as soon as possible. You haven’t heard from us yet? Please get in touch with our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or call +41 58 255 48 48.
    I’m sorry, but I would like to cancel my order. Is that a problem?
    You can cancel your order until 16:00 the previous evening. Please do so by contacting our customer service at hello@bubblebox.ch or calling +41 58 255 48 48.

    Placing your order & payment

    I would like Bubble Box to do my laundry. Do I need an account?
    No. We’re happy to take care of your clothes without registration. However, if you have an account you can save your favorite pick up and drop off addresses as well as your payment details. This will make it easier and faster for you to place an order.
    How much does it cost to have my laundry done?
    ind all prices for the cleaning of your textiles under Services & Prices. For example, a cotton blouse or shirt costs CHF 4.90 including ironing. Per kilogram Wash & Fold everyday laundry we charge CHF 7.90. Pick-up and delivery is free of charge.
    What’s the minimum ordering value?
    The minimum is CHF 49.00.
    How can I best make my payment?
    You can pay online using your credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express.
    Where and how can I use a gift voucher?
    It’s very easy: when you place your order, we’ll ask you if you would like to use a voucher. Just enter the voucher code and we’ll adjust your payable amount automatically.
    How safe are my credit card details?
    We work with Stripe for the payment process, who have the highest standards of security, compliance and certification. AES encryption All card numbers are encrypted on-disk with AES-256. Isolated infrastructure The processes for storing, decrypting and transmitting card numbers run via a separate host infrastructure. They are therefore neither stored at Bubble Box nor passed on to Stripe's main services.


    How long do you take to do my laundry?
    On average your laundry takes us two days for pick up, cleaning and drop off. If your laundry includes challenging garments, it may take longer.
    Do you really clean everything?
    Almost. If a garment requires special care and if there is a concern, we’ll get in touch with you to inform you of the procedure we would suggest.
    I have an allergy. Do you have a special detergent for me?
    Sure. On request, we’ll be happy to use a perfume-free and hypoallergenic detergent for your laundry.
    How is wash & fold calculated?
    Billing is per kilogram and is always rounded up to the next whole kilogram. One load of laundry at your home weighs approximately 5 kg. In the check-out process you can see which textiles are treated in "Wash & Fold". Garments that are not listed will be charged individually per piece.
    Are my clothes insured?
    Yes, your clothes are insured the whole time they are with us. This includes the transport as well as the cleaning itself. If anything should happen to one of your clothing items, please let us know at hello@bubblebox.ch.

    Wösch Post

    Is there a minimum order value?
    Yes, the minimum order quantity is CHF 49.-.
    How much does shipping cost?
    Up to an order quantity of CHF 49, shipping costs CHF 9.50. From an order quantity of CHF 99.-, shipping is for free.
    Where can I get a laundry bag for shipping?
    You can order a laundry bag online at www.bubblebox.ch using the regular laundry ordering process. The laundry bag will arrive by mail within a working day.
    Do I have to order a new laundry bag every time I place a new order?
    No, when you receive your fresh laundry back a new laundry bag for your next order is included.
    What are the delivery times?
    The delivery times are based on the Swiss Post from Monday to Friday from 07:00 - 18:00.
    How does the pick up work?
    Make sure that your laundry bag is ready for the postman before 07:00 on the day of pickup. Depending on what you have chosen, at the letterbox, at the entrance to the house or personal delivery at the apartment door. The postman will take care of the franking.
    Do I have to stamp my package?
    No you don’t need to. The postman will take care of it for you during pick up. Just fill out the address label on your laundry bag with your name and address before you deposit the laundry bag.
    What happens during delivery?
    You will receive your clean clothes folded in a reusable box delivered by the Swiss Post. Depending on your choice, the postman will deposit the package at the house entrance or next to the private letter box.
    Can pick up or delivery dates be changed at short notice?
    Pick up dates can be changed in the customer account until 16:00 the day before. Delivery dates must be adjusted three days before the selected date.
    Do I have to add a list of my laundry pieces in my laundry bag?
    No, this is not necessary. We count and weigh your clothes before washing.
    Can I also get my clothes on the hanger?
    No, with the Wösch Post you get your clothes back folded in a reusable cardboard box.

    Carpet cleaning

    How are carpets cleaned?
    After the incoming inspection, carpets are measured and beaten mechanically. Then the carpet is washed. Only in exceptional cases is special cleaning necessary.
    What does washing mean?
    The carpets are washed as in the Orient. That means they are soaped on the washing surface with a disc brush machine. Stubborn stains are treated with an appropriate stain remover. The carpet is rinsed with plenty of water using special flat-jet nozzles. Drainage is carried out by long-drum centrifuges without deforming or crumpling the carpet.
    When is it necessary to clean a carpet?
    A special cleaning is necessary if you want to achieve a strong fat solution. Here the carpets are cleaned in closed machines with a solvent. It is used for example for silk carpets.
    When do we finish?
    At the request of the customer a carpet (e.g. Afghan or Shiraz) can be finished. This means that a finish is sprayed onto the back of the spun carpet in a certain ratio of the weight of the goods. In the case of machine-made carpets, this measure is usually necessary in order to achieve a firmer finish.
    Impregnation against dirt - what is the benefit?
    To repel liquids or against rapid soiling, impregnation is possible for factory-made carpets. The dosage can be tested in the laboratory and then sprayed on thousands of square meters of carpet. However, many years of experience have shown that this application is not well possible on used carpets. Every carpet is an individual and therefore it is not easy to find the perfect dosage for impregnation. In order to protect our customers from wrongly invested money, standard cleaning does not include impregnation. A clean, well rinsed wool is largely self-cleaning.
    What is the effect of protection against moths?
    After washing, the carpets can be equipped against moths on request. The protection period is approx. 12 years or can survive being washed twice. The calculation is made separately.
    When is a carpet stretched?
    All carpets that have a basic fabric (fringes) of goat or camel hair behave differently when washed. Hair reacts particularly strongly to moisture - that is, it contracts. The shrinkage during the washing process can cause waves in the carpet. These must be removed by stretching and possibly finishing the carpet.
    When are repairs necessary?
    To maintain the value of the carpet, repairs are necessary if, for example, fringes have been cut off, fringing edges are defective, longitudinal edges are worn through and fabric has holes. However, a ceded carpet cannot be restored because the costs of tying the carpet are no longer in proportion. For the sake of our experts and because of the colour matching, only washed carpets are restored. Each repair requires an individual agreement and a corresponding offer.