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    Treat your carpet to professional carpet cleaning!

    How nice it is to walk over a soft and fluffy carpet. But what about carpet cleaning? After all, only a clean carpet is a beautiful carpet. A floor full of stains, dust and crumbs - nobody wants that! For regular carpet care, it is usually enough to shake out, knock out or use a vacuum cleaner that removes the coarsest dirt. But from time to time you can treat your faithful foot mat to a big carpet wash. The easiest way to do this is to entrust it to our carpet cleaning service, which will give it a new shine competently and gently.

    Carpet cleaning with Bubble Box

    The more exclusive the carpet, the more demanding is its cleaning. If you use the wrong products and methods, the shot could backfire and cause damage that can no longer be hidden. That's why you should leave your favourite carpet to a real professional right from the start, who knows exactly which carpet needs to be cleaned and how. In the carpet laundry of Bubble Box, we professionally take care of your carpets of all kinds. In addition, we save you the tedious transport with the heavy and bulky carpet, because we will happily pick it up from your home and bring it back cleaned - without any additional transport costs.

    With us your carpet will be like new again.

    With our carpet and textile cleaning we take care of all your needs! We can clean the following carpets and textiles:

    • machine carpet
    • berber
    • Tibetan
    • handweb
    • smyrna
    • sisal
    • gabbeh
    • shaggy
    • oriental carpet
    • silk carpet
    • fur carpet
    Regardless of the material we will make it clean and shine again. Our carpet cleaning programme includes stretching, tapping, hand cleaning, smoke and water damage removal, odour removal, urine treatment, reshearing, levelling and stain removal by hand. Depending on the type of carpet and the stains, we treat it with the right cleaning and refreshing method. We are happy to advise you by telephone or personally on our various cleaning options for carpets, curtains, textiles and much more. And don't worry: with us the prices remain the same.

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