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    Based on your individual needs and your hygiene requirements, we recommend cleaning every carpet over time. We wash carpets with a lot of manpower, which increases the quality significantly compared to machine processing. We are also happy to take on the professional cleaning of unique artist's carpets and tapestries in museum quality.

    Under Services and Pricing you will find the corresponding cleaning costs for all carpet types calculated per m2.

    We have collected further information for you here:
    The most frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning


    All repairs are carried out professionally and advantageously. Depending on the provenance and condition (coarse/medium/fine) and material, different efforts are required. Each repair requires an individual agreement and quotation.

    Contact us for a request: +41 58 255 48 48 | hello@bubblebox.ch

    For the right colour match and for the good of our experts, carpets are washed before repair. Prices can be found in our price list.


    You have no idea what kind of carpet is at your feet?
    No problem, we will be happy to advise you: +41 58 255 48 48 | hello@bubblebox.ch


    Afghan Rugs
    Mainly dark red ground and geometric figures. The ground fabric (fringes) is made of goat or camel hair and/or wool. For pricing purposes, we also include Turkmen carpets, Bukhara and Baluch in this category.

    Berber carpets
    Mostly light beige ground colour with little patterning. 2-4cm thick. Basic fabric (fringes) of cotton. This also includes Tunisian and Moroccan carpets, which are often heavily patterned.

    Persian carpets
    The best known of the carpets has various colours and patterns. It usually consists of a basic cotton fabric (fringes). Heriz, Tabriz, Isphahan and Kirman belong to this group of oriental carpets.

    Silk carpets
    Mostly with Persian pattern. Except for China silk carpets, which show their own pattern. The pile material can be silk and the basic fabric (fringes) cotton. A full silk carpet has pile and ground fabric in silk.

    Smyrna carpets
    This is the name given to the wool carpets that are home-knotted on a marked out pattern. These carpets have a relatively coarse weave. Smyrna carpets are also oriental carpets from Turkey.


    Kelim Carpets
    Woven carpets with woven pattern. Aegytian hand woven carpets, so-called Beni

    Hand woven carpets
    Mostly light to brown ground colour. Necklace often made of jute cords.


    Office carpets
    Quality (cotton, jute, leather, PVC) bordered with ribbons falls under the generic term border carpet.

    All looped and glued carpets are considered tufted. This can be recognized by, among other things, glued edge bands, rubber coating or cloth on the back.

    Long pile carpets
    All carpets with long pile threads are considered long pile carpets. These carpets appear compact and fluffy when purchased new, especially carpets with open twisted ends.

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