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  • Shirt & Blouse Service

    Has the time come to iron your shirts and blouses?

    We all know this situation; dirty shirts and blouses are piling up, but there always seems to be more important - or better - things to do than washing and ironing. That's why we at Bubble Box take care of your shirt and blouse cleaning for you. Put your dirty laundry in a bag, have it picked up from a location of your choice and receive your clean and ironed shirts and blouses two days later. What’s more, there’s no need to sell your home to afford it, because we offer great, affordable prices on our dry cleaning services. If, by the way, you also want to hand in all of your laundry, then we have some great offers for this too.

    To iron shirts or not, that is the question

    There are some things in life that just have to be done, whether we enjoy it or not. For most people, this includes doing laundry. But the good news is that there is always a solution for this. For example, you could choose not to iron your shirts and wear them regardless of how creased they come out of the washing machine. Or you could just wear a t-shirt instead! But sometimes a stylish ironed shirt is the best option. Thinking of interviews, meetings, christenings, weddings or a first date - you want to look your best and you are in need of a shirt that is ready, cleaned and ironed. If you want to avoid doing it yourself, then the Bubble Box shirt and blouse service is the easiest solution for you. Have your shirts and blouses picked up, ironed and delivered to you - and enjoy your new leisure time!

    Wrinkle-free and fresh smelling - the tops from Bubble Box

    Business clothes and creases? Definitely not what you wish for.
    You want a beautiful suit that comes with a wrinkle-free and fresh shirt. If you want to avoid the stress of ironing yourself, then our shirt and blouse service is the best choice for you.
    Why should you deal with creases when there is a professional shirt cleaning service at affordable prices that will pick up your laundry at the place of your choice? With Bubble Box, ironing shirts and blouses are a thing of the past.
    Just give it a try!

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