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    Bubble Box is committed to contribe to a healthy and sustainable environment. We are proud and happy to have myclimate as our partner. This makes Bubble Box the first Swiss textile care & laundry service to be carbon neutral since 2020.

    Our goals

    For a long-term and sustainable contribution to our environment and society, we constantly optimize our entire processes. Because a healthy planet is close to our hearts. Our laundries are equipped with the most modern devices, which enable an environmentally friendly and effective cleaning process.

    As a myclimate partner, Bubble Box takes pioneering paths in textile care and compensates for all unavoidable emissions.

    We support the charitable foundation with contributions for projects that promote globally measurable climate protection and sustainable development. We support in particular the «Uganda Clean Water Project».
    Besides CO2 compensation, these initiatives always bring social benefits for the local population. For example, jobs are created, infrastructures improved or health risks reduced.

    Our actions

    Our focus is on the entire value chain on sustainable solutions.

    Ecologically sustainable laundry bags

    It is important to us that our laundry bags are produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable way. Our laundry bags are made of natural, breathable cotton. In addition, labels to identify the personal laundry bags are made of recycled plastic.

    Biodegradable films

    In order to protect your clothes from dirt during transport and from wetness on rainy days, we cover the clothes delivered hanging on the hanger with a protective foil. As an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic film, we use a 100% compostable version.

    Energy saving thanks to heat pump dryer

    Since the end of 2019, we have been saving 40-60% of energy consumption compared to conventional dryers by using state-of-the-art heat pump dryers. We have thus further increased energy efficiency by reusing the hot air instead of discharging it.

    Hot water recovery

    By processing and reusing the clean and already warm waste water from the cleaning process, our water consumption in the laundries is greatly reduced. The clean waste water flows into the conventional washing machines water cycle and is reused there. This enables us to significantly reduce the laundries' annual water and energy consumption.

    Optimum detergent dosage thanks to liquid dosing pumps

    We are able to optimize the consumption of detergent thanks to automatic liquid dosing pumps. The optimum amount of detergent is dosed during each wash cycle based on the volume of the textiles and their soiling. At the same time we use a detergent that is eco-friendly.

    100% compensation of emissions

    In addition to the various efforts for sustainable solutions, we compensate our entire CO2 emissions. As a myclimate partner, we are pioneers in the field and are the first climate-neutral textile care and laundry service in Switzerland. The greenhouse gas emissions are largely offset in the myclimate «Uganda Clean Water Project».

    Our Partner

    Climate protection project

    We particularly support the charitable foundation with contributions to the «Uganda Clean Water Project».

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