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  • Shirt and blouse from CHF 4.90
  • 30-minute time window from 06:00-22:30
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    Valid as of August 15, 2022

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    As of 15.08.2022 we will adjust our product range as well as our prices. With this change, the same prices and services will be valid throughout Switzerland in the future - whether for the home delivery service, the Wöschpost, the Locker stations or in our stores.

    The reason for the adjustments is the introduction of an integrated offer within Bubble Box, as well as the rising energy and material prices. In recent months, prices have more than doubled and show an unprecedented increase.
    What is encouraging is that we will also buck the trend and reduce some prices. For example, we are moving away from the traditional structure of the dry cleaning industry, where the blouse costs massively more than the shirt. We are closing the gender gap and will charge the same price for shirts and blouses in the future!

    Bubble Box is a young company with a strong and healthy growth. We want to remain this way, which is why this step is inevitable for us. The dry cleaning industry is a highly competitive market with great competition and an even greater price war. In order to be able to guarantee you the usual high quality and unique convenience service in the long term, we distance ourselves from price wars and want to continue to be the most convenient and best textile service, rather than the cheapest.

    All orders processed before the price adjustment of August 15, 2022 will of course be charged at the old prices.

    If you have any questions or uncertainties, we will be happy to help you and look forward to continue growing and washing together with you!

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    Your Bubble Box Team

    Gender Neutral Prices

    Shirt & Blouse new CHF 4.90

    Since forever, a blouse has cost more than a shirt. But in our eyes this is not up to date anymore. Since we want to revolutionize the textile industry, we also dare to take this leap. We commit us to gender-neutral prices. In a first step, we will unify the prices of shirts and blouses to CHF 4.90 as of August 15, 2022.


    Valid from 15.08.2022

    Shirt/Blouse: CHF 4.90
    Veston/Blazer: CHF 18.90
    Suit trousers: CHF 14.90
    Pencil skirt: CHF 14.90
    Polo shirt: CHF 4.90
    Jeans: CHF 7.90
    Dress: CHF 19.90
    Wash & Fold: CHF 7.90/kg
    Carpet: from CHF 29.00/m2
    Curtain: from CHF 7.90/m2
    All prices incl. VAT.


    New composition

    Our "Wash & Fold" offer is perfect for your everyday laundry and is charged at CHF 7.90 per kilogram. We wash your textiles and bring them back to you folded in a laundry bag.

    The "Wash & Fold" offer includes the following clothes:

    • T-shirt
    • Pyjamas
    • Underwear
    • Socks/tights
    • Sportswear
    • Hoodies & Sweaters
    • Bodysuits & Leggings
    • Swimwear
    • Bathrobes & Towels
    • Terrycloth
    • Cleaning rags

    The offer "Wash & Fold ironed" is no longer available. Articles which are not in the above list will be charged individually per piece.
    All prices incl. VAT.


    Now, instead of different items such as shirt, linen shirt, silk blouse, etc., we only have the main item. Additional services, such as special materials or the folding of shirts, are charged via add-ons.


    We are removing the "Ironing only" offer from our range. The reason for this is hygiene. We treat only textiles that have been previously cleaned or washed by us. In addition, various textiles need a remaining dampness, so that any wrinkles can be ironed out. Thank you for your understanding!


    What is new from August 15, 2022?
    The product range will change as in the future we will have main products, such as the shirt, and charge for add-ons such as silk. Furthermore, we have adjusted the composition of everyday laundry under the product "Wash & Fold". Overall, we have to increase prices, but fortunately, against the trend, we can also lower some prices. In addition, the minimum order value for the home delivery service and Wöschpost has changed.

    Why are the offering and prices adjusted?
    We are introducing the same offering and prices for Bubble Box and its services throughout Switzerland. In addition, energy and material prices have more than doubled in recent months, which massively increases our production and logistics costs.

    What is the minimum order value?
    The minimum order value for the home delivery service and Wöschpost is CHF 49.00. If the order does not reach this value, the difference will be invoiced as minimum quantity surcharge. There is still no minimum order value for pick-up points and locker stations.

    What about my current order?
    All orders processed before August 15 will of course be charged at the old prices. Orders processed after August 15 will be entered and charged according to the new product range and price list.

    I still have a shirt subscription. What happens to it?
    Existing shirt subscriptions (in the stores only) remain valid and can also be used for blouses starting August 15, 2022.

    I would like to have my everyday laundry "Wash & Fold" ironed. Is that possible?
    Unfortunately not. With the product adjustment we make a clear separation of the products. Items from the "Wash & Fold" offer will be washed and folded, all other items will be charged individually. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to accept special requests in the future, as these are very prone to errors due to the order quantities and we cannot guarantee fulfillment.

    I have two laundry bags; Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning. Can I drop off my laundry already sorted and you will treat it that way?
    For us, the bags are not an indicator of how the laundry is processed. Our operators in the laundries are professionals and know exactly which items may be treated how. That's why we check all garments and sort them based on our product range and the care labels.