New offering

Tailored to your needs

New offering

Tailored to your needs

Personalize your laundry service

Choose between the two offerings or simply combine them!

We are expanding our product offering for you and now offer you two different options, which you can choose individually or combine.

Mix and Match Laundry Bag

Mix & Match

As individual as you

Choose the textiles you want to have cleaned from our product range and personalize the cleaning and additional services according to your needs.

We will collect, sort, clean and wash your clothes, remove stains, iron and care for them as you specified when ordering and return them to you fresh.

  • entire Bubble Box product offering: clothing from business to casual to festive and leather as well as carpets, bedding, curtains, tableware and sofa covers

  • Wash & Fold per kilogram for selected textiles

  • Sewing studio: alterations and repairs

  • Stain treatment

  • Machine ironed

  • Optional additional services such as hand-ironing, impregnation, stain protection, etc.

  • Delivery hanging on hangers, Wash & Fold folded, flat linen folded

Prices according to price list

Easy Laundry Bag


1 laundry bag for everything

Pack everything that fits and may be put in the washing machine in the Easy Laundry Bag and off you go!

We pick up, wash, dry and/or steam your textiles and deliver them back to you fresh and carefully folded.
Shirts and blouses are delivered hanging on the hanger. 

  • all washable textiles incl. bedding that fit into the Easy laundry bag

  • machine dried and/or steamed

  • Delivery folded, shirts and blouses hanging on the hanger

  • excl. carpet, curtain and leather

  • no stain treatment

  • no additional services

CHF 49.- per bag

The offerings can be booked individually as well as in combination. It is important that you differentiate between the offerings on the basis of the laundry bags.
Everything you book for "Mix & Match" goes into the beige cotton laundry bags; what may be "Easy", please put into the dark blue Easy bag.
Once the bags are ready, it's time for you to sit back and relax. We take care of the rest!

At one glance
Do it the way you like it!
Mix & Match Easy
Customize your cleaning job from the following categories:

- Clothes: from business to casual to festive and leather
- Wash & Fold
- Home & Living: Bedding, table linen, carpet, curtain and sofa
- Sewing studio: alterations and repairs
- Gift vouchers
All washable textiles that fit in the laundry bag "Easy".
except carpet, leather & curtains
Cleaning and finishing
- individually based on care labels
- wash or dry clean
- machine or hand ironed
- wash according to recommended temperature
- dry and/or steam
- Clothes: hanging on hanger
- Wash & Fold: folded
- Flat linen: folded
- Clothes: folded
- Shirts and blouses: hanging on hanger
- Flat linen: folded
Pick up and delivery
Stain treatment
Stain protection
Sewing on buttons
Additional services